Aurora is a galactic walk-in who came into this physical body when the previous occupant died on October 8, 2001. 

Aurora is an abstract, otherworldly presence, and is connected to a non-technological consciousness collective that is also abstract and otherworldly and which runs on pure love. 

She entered into this body via a genetic portal she created and named the “Flying Rainbow Lasagne”, which is a higher dimensional torus shape and a new way of “dancing” DNA strands.

Aurora works as a professional artist and runs her own clothing business based upon her Flying Rainbow Lasagne artwork, as well as teaching an online class called “Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans” about the higher dimensional math concepts which she depicts in her paintings. 

Aurora also practices the Flying Rainbow Lasagne “dance” each day, transforming the fabric of space/time/consciousness with new possibilities and combinations of events which radiate outward, superseding existing genetic patterns.


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