″P1 or Pleiades 1 is not a Pleiadian groups from the Pleiades. Even if we are all ONE, as has already been said, for a clearer and more comprehensible understanding, we will explain better.

P1 or Pleiades 1 are beings of the 17th dimension and are not Pleiadians as some people think.

They come from the seventeenth dimension through a portal in the Pleiades Star System, one of the countless interdimensional portals that exist there.

This group of spherical consciousnesses entered through the portal of the number 1, existing there at the Pleiades. Therefore, let’s say: Pleiades 1 = Consciences that have entered through the Portal 1, the Pleiades″.


Master Codex Activation Started! The Light Celebrates!

Attention Terrans! Unity Force explained.

Attention Terrans! Special Projectors for Okingons Movement anchoring! 12% (non-regressive).

*Lunar Projector 9 anchoring started! 62% (non-regressive).

Attention Cranu-Idini, *Projector MorDort-SIUX aimed! IMMEDIATE REVERBERATION! Anchorage at 97% (non-linear).

Attention *Manoliah/*IUD-IL! Immediate Attention! *Projector CDiX-12 Aimed! Anchoring and immediate reverberation! 89% (non-regressive).

*Eliar Flours, The Artist! Immediate call coming up! Master Projector support required: Sync started… 95% (non-regressive). Start support.

Butterflies come out of their cocoons for special deliveries.

Groundless hunt being minimized. *Sentinels are still active in dismantling.

*V5 expanded by continuous recognition of eras.

End of Transmission

Pleiades 1 (Extending Crystalline Field in Terran environment)




A galactic traveler. A being of a grouping responsible for the stabilization of moons on planets. In his grouping, he is one of those responsible for placing the moons around the planets in solar systems.

I did not receive accurate information about a planet of origin, but he is connected to Arcturus, Sirius and Orion (I could not see more than that). As far as I can tell, he does not have a planet, he lives in the motherships.

He also works in the Sideral Engineering sector, organizing and mapping entire systems, such as the Solar System. He adjusts the moons so that they magnetically stay at a harmonic distance from the planet and provide what it, the planet, needs. He is also a magnetic being, a being of intentions.

He functions as an attractor: if he approaches beings with negative thoughts, attracting negative things, he, not out of spite, but simply because of his nature, will potentiate what the being is vibrating. If the being is thinking negative, it will potentiate it; if you are thinking positive will also potentiate it. It’s not out of spite, it’s just IT.

He is being called by the Pleiades 1 to go to the lower astral zones to show those who are there what may happen to them if they continue with that kind of thought/vibration. And also show what they will have if they accept the Light and its benefits. He is also being called in the areas of the Terran surface.

When he descends into the astral spheres, he sometimes camouflages himself with a layer of silvery energy, to avoid being too attractive and powerful in those regions – the divine mercy. Very loving and peaceful. He is a Unified Consciousness to the Law of Action and Reaction. (As if he would be an expression of this consciousness/power/action and reaction).

He is connected with the Universal Energy of the Law of Divine Love and Justice.



It is a specific projector that supports souls in Dark Night of the Soul.

Cranu-Idini is being called with his Phalanx to create Magnetic Meshes on every Magnetic Island and, consequently, on the Planet, in order for these meshes to be the guiding threads of the strong magnetism of this projector.

This projector pointed directly into the Cranu-Idini field will discharge an intense Light and it will be reverberated through these meshes and, like a Cerebral Synapse, will connect with other souls going through the same processes, so that they reinforce themselves even more, even though unconsciously, to each other, so that they resist the deepest that a soul can descend.

Cranu-Idini, go! Gather your people and, at first, redistribute with them that magnetic charge, then create the “Synapse Effect” and make it reverberate. You and your people will be directly supported by Sofia (Mother Mary).



A feminine energy being of the Galaxy X440-Z9 (Blue Galaxy). She is a reader of quantum data / energy / galactic languages. She is an excellent mathematics, not by chance incarnated once in the earth physical plane as a mathematics teacher. She acts in the Blue Galaxy from the sixth to the ninth dimension. Unlike another masculine, which acts a little higher.

Manoliah, also acts in a system of worlds in the Blue Galaxy, very similar to the Solar System of the Earth. There, in a humanized dress, she has a female body very similar to that on the Earth. Skin in a light blue tone but from breasts up, including the head, has a darker blue shade. A beautiful blend of colors. The eyes are reasonably larger than that of the Terrans. Blue like two brilliants. Head is bald, when with hairs they are blue draped with the silver tips.

Discharges of intense, radiant blue light from each hair! On his chest there is a bright, pulsating blue star. It is the blue galaxy that carries in her heart. In her left hand has an eye of blue light. It’s a portal in one’s hand. On the other hand, a written code that connects her to her twin flame. When she plays with her left hand open, where she has the blue light eye, in her right hand, where she has the code, she immediately transports herself to where her twin flame is working.

This energy is being called by Pleiades 1 due to the intense need that is required at this moment. There are several timelines developing rapidly, in milliseconds. All beings are continually jumping these lines according to their inner will / desires of particular experiences.

Due to the intense pressures experienced by the inhabitants of the Terran Plan, the expression of higher expressions and / or planned scheduling developments is hampered, as a result, extra forces are sent in for high schedules to be maintained, and there is an appropriate advance for elevated lines of empowerment and genuine expressions of being.

In this, Manoliah is a powerful, feminine expression that acts not only on what has already been quoted above with her mathematical qualities and reader of energies, she is also an elevated expression of the Goddess on the Terran surface.

Being called upon to help the male expressions who have difficulty recognizing their feminine side. There is a lock on some male beings on the Terran surface that prevents them from being more delicate in their expressions, being swallowed up by macho and prejudiced morphic fields, preventing them from flowing more easily into their beings, thus enabling balance between these two cosmic forces.

Manoliah, is a true expression of the Divine Feminine, also having in her the perfect balance with the Divine Masculine.

Manoliah has a master code for the Goddess’s anchor, which her: UTEYA-MI MY-HAU-MI -MALU-I MI! which means: DIVINE OF THE DIVINE IN ME IS, DIVINE OF THE DIVINE IN ME IS.

When anchoring / decreeing, it is recommended that it be in the specific language of the Blue Galaxy: UTEYA-MI MY-HAU-MI -MALU-I MI!



It is a very powerful projector, directly responsible for reverberating ethics, morality, truth, commitment, discipline and loyalty. This projector had previously been supported by beings on Earth called José de Arimathea, Joan of Arc, the Portuguese priest Manuel da Nóbrega and there was an attempt by the Brazilian president Juscelino Kubitschek (who in an earlier incarnation had been Nero, Roman Emperor) that is also one of the supporters of this projector, but, in this case, did not complete the anchorage for issues that, ethically, will not be disclosed here.

There is no specific criterion to support this projector. Obviously, many other beings have already supported it on the Terran surface and the Forces of Light know the moment and/or being that would be indicated for the anchorage of the same, at the present moment.

It is a very powerful and very serious force requiring the primary anchorer being to be broadly connected with a higher truth and willing to surrender and higher commitments.

IUD-IL is being called for anchoring it, not because he is better than others, but simply because the Forces of Light request it to be so. This projector, as has already been said, is very powerful and IUD-IL will need to reverberate within the PVSE this Force, like a Sun emitting its rays and later, those receiving it also reverberate, so that it reaches as many souls as possible.

Because it is a projector where qualities like Ethics, Commitment, Discipline and Loyalty are requested, there will be strong projections of opponents of this anchorage. This projector is usually delivered to beings already awake and with a certain level of consciousness and who have “signed” serious protocols to be developed on the surface.

The Forces of Light do not joke and obviously do not punish, judge, or condemn any being in creation either. However, high-order beings responsible for the order, discipline, and progress of high protocols reserve the right to intervene directly and to cut off the projector’s projection if the primary supporter and/or any other direct representative of force will deviate from the planned path, harming yourself and/or others around him. In other words, it is the case of a missionary who incarnates with a serious mission and ends up yielding to the low vibrations by seriously deviating from the path, committing himself caramally and causing other beings to fall. In this case, Chapanã will be fired.

Chapana is the Knight of the Black Spear of the Legion of the Knights of Light. Within the Pleiades 1 movement, he is known as “Aloikaik”, meaning “THE DIVINE BALANCE”. He is also a direct Knight of the Legion of the Archangel Michael, also acting next to Ogum. It is the one who represents the DIVINE or FATAL JUSTICE, the final point for an unruly and harmful journey through which an incarnated being, especially a missionary, finds himself and does not seek and does not want to recover. Wherever you have a missionary making you “cute” and abusing power in ways that harm and harm others, he comes and disincarnates you.

The ones who abandons their Ethical, Moral, and Spiritual conduct (especially if he is a missionary), by his “free will,” letting himself be led by the mischief of his journey in the Terran plan that will harm other beings, will be subject to many serious disorders, fruits of the Law of Cause and Effect.

It is true that his Mentors try to help him by alerting him in various ways, but if anything is not done, that spirit goes deeper and deeper into the dark abyss he has created.

The sad moment arrives when, by virtue of so many negative acts, it faces a harsh reality: it is auctioned on the Spiritual Plane. The force of the Black Spear, Chapanã/Aloikaik, who takes him out of the Terran conviviality, takes that spirit to his “new master”, who acquired it at auction.

Those are usually inhabitants of terrible etheric caves that, unfortunately, through this, ended up creating through their own conduct, so that it can expand their consciousness. Remember that the Source never wants us to suffer for any reason. Suffering comes simply from our disconnection by free will.

In extreme cases, when there is no possibility of recovery, the being is disintegrated, being taken to the Galactic Central Sun.

But it is not only in these cases that Chapanã/Aloikaik acts. He represents the JUSTICE and POWER of God the Father / Almighty Mother, wherever her presence may be necessary, especially to defend beings who are too demanding in their karmic readjustments by collecting beings, incarnate or disincarnated. It is a mistake to think that Chapanã / Aloikaik belongs to the Dark Forces. He is a great Light Forces Knight acting directly on the entire planet with his legion.

Some people might call him the angel of death, but what would death be if not a change of plan? He is an angel of discipline and protection of souls seriously committed to the Light.

This entry is not in any way to cause fear to anyone, but only to show the seriousness of all the movements that occur.

Especially at this time, Chapanã / Aloikaik is checking members of the Cabal, especially to Mr. George HW Bush. Chapanã / Aloikaik also acted directly against Adolf Hitler, when this was another who could be a supporter of this projector and eventually seriously deviated from his path when Chapanã / Aloikaik took him out of the Terran plane.

If it had not been withdrawn, the Planet would face nuclear distruction. Of course, everything occurred within a higher plane.

Another being that would have a unification mission is Mr. Kim Jong-un and, unfortunately, is seriously straying from the path. These are not threats, but a delivery of information that put in evidence the protection of the Light and the unfolding of the plans more without any interference and/or serious acts that might undermine the higher plans.

Lord IUD-IL, the Forces of Light seriously rely on you to assist in sustaining this projector, reverberating with all your Strength within the PVSE and the like, inspiring other beings to act within lovingness, earnestness, commitment, ethics, loyalty, truth and confidence. The Lord is being called for his knowledge, and by personal matters that here, ethically, will not be revealed. So you are being directly supported by Chapanã / Aloikaik.

A symbol has been channeled – which is the direct representative of this projector – potentializing the action of these forces. IUD-IL and all those who use it: this tool is very powerful. His name is SACRED GEOMETRIC FOR DISCIPLINED COMMITMENT.

(A few minutes before the publication of this post, Chapanã / Aloikaik came back and left the message to the missionaries.)

“Missionaries, be inviolable in your behaviour , this will guarantee the necessary powers to reach the highest steps, so that you can unfold events from a position where you can always make the best decisions, based on the answers that will come from your highest expressions, never confused with the human ego, inclined to selfishness and indiscipline.

A missionary conscious of his duties and responsibilities is a highly trustworthy so that more powers and responsibilities may be passed on to you so that you do not misuse them and inevitably I have to act. I am Chapana / Aloikaik, at your service. ”

(*) AUCTION An auction is when a being is lost in its path, giving himself completely to the Dark Forces, beginning to harm itself more Karmically, and to other beings. And so he begins to be “desired” in the realms of the shadows, and indeed, there are meetings between them, those who desire it. And there is an auction for “who gives more for him,” as who gives more to have a slave to serve. Thus, decided at auction, the being “X” bought the right to that being when he will be withdrawn from the terran plane, he will stay with him for a while. Unfortunately, it’s a sad scene, but… The Forces of Light never wanted that, but it’s the being that puts itself in conditions like that. It remains for us to vibrate by sending the Violet Flame for situations like this to subside and cease altogether.

Recently, a being that was auctioned was Mr. David Rockefeller getting into the hands of a negative being, I will not tell the name, and later the Forces of Light took him (him, David) to the Galactic Central Sun.

I wrote part of this entry with a little sadness, because when I write I see the scenes, but as I swore the truth for Jesus and for the Forces of Light, there it is. Lots of Light and Violet Flame!

Gabriel RL



He is a Creator. It can be said that he is a Master Architect and Engineer, and more. He has a connection with the Elohim, especially the Elohim of Grace. He is in onnection with all the elementals of the worlds where he has been. He also has connection with the lineage of beings known as Equitumans.

He partecipate in the creations of whole systems and planets, together with his grouping and with the elementals, to give the necessary beauty to that planet. They create separations of dry portions (separating continents, countries, etc …). They work so that mountains, waterfalls, caves and other nature’s systems have their harmonious positions. These are powerful energies beings and have a greately developed creative capacity, thanks to their primary connections with the Elohim and the Solar Lords. They can easily get into a space and begin to visualize something that soon will manifests.

When in the higher planes, they arrive in systems being created and, as if they were drawing a picture in a canvas of Light, they begin to materialize what they “draw in the picture”. Each fingertip can be seen as brilliant Light.

He is a great Celestial Artist and, with his grouping, has embellished many worlds of many systems. His grouping is responsible for aesthetically harmonizing the Inner Earth. He is a Universal Artist, an Architect, a Heavenly Engineer, and all other synonyms. It also has, of course, the ability to “erase”, as one wipes out scribbles on a blackboard, the intentions of the darkness.

His hands are pure energy with 4 specific tones: Green, Pink, Yellow and Blue and can easily erase any dark intent. Once, in a dense worlds, he was taken to a negative astral zones, largely dominated by black magicians. At his arrival, he sat on the top of a mountain, extended a canvas of Light, made a prayer invoking the Elohim and the presence of all the universal elementals, calling for the Solar Lords, shook both hands and he began to erase all that negative scene.

Just as you erase with a eraser scribbles on a blackboard. The forces of darkness in that environment became enraged and began casting spells upon him, which wiped them out before they reached him. Finally, he created a garden with beautiful colored roses, lakes, beautiful trees with colorful leaves, and a beautiful flush opened up when the sun had descended there. He saw all the beings who once tried to attack him, lying on the grass and breathing softly, as if delighted and in pure peace.

When on the big mother ships, he is always called to decorate the environments with its multicolored energy. In addition to the skill with his “hands”, you can hear him sing universal songs, and you can see the air coming out of his mouth in the form of radiant colors and, likewise, creating beautiful and fragrant environments.

He is being called by the Pleiades 1 to anchor, in the lower astral zones and on the surface, the energy of the artistic creation, radiating the energy of beauty and Love. He has been called to go in the black valleys where the shadow and the imbalance form sad and devastated landscapes, so that he can incorporates the Universal Artist and recreates the picture, giving happy and illuminated tones.

On the surface, it is called to places where density is evident, to anchor his artistic energy and transform that environment into a beautiful green field with beautiful colorful flowers. If there are sentient beings in this environment, they may even feel the breeze and the smell of the flowers, even if in the three-dimensional environment seems nothing have changed. He is a being that naturally exudes the scent of jasmine.



Beings of Light who control each movement of the entities of darkness. All their plans are known to them. None of these minions can get a hiding place without the Sentinels knowing their whereabouts, neither speak nor think, anything, all is known by the Sentinels. Hence, the Light Forces are always one or more steps ahead.



A few centuries ago, in Old Italy, in the countryside, more specifically on a farm, a girl named Melissa lived. He had been named from a person of Greek very dear to his family. She was very young, under 20 year old, small, with blond long hair, green eyes, sweet and very loving.

Her name was Melissa Larissa Perpetuini Di Móleo or Melissa Larissa Pertini Di Móleo. (It is not clear if the correct one is Perpetuini or Pertini). This being incarnated at that time to anchor Light and initiate a cascade process of mass arrivals of of highest spiritual beings, as well as to promote the opening of a process that would take centuries, until the present moment.

This process, which refers to the possibility of massive arrivals of twin “Nodes” for the reconnections of Monads on the physical plane, in the most conscious way possible, with the goal of helping to accelerate the Ascension of the Planet. This process would unleash a great effect on the Planetary Grid, with an immense and intense discharge, but there was the possibility that the collective Terran, still not vibrating in the necessary frequency, would not allow the sustentation of that. Even so, this being decided and, with the authorization of the high hierarchies, descended from the most enlightened plans for the mission.

When he got on Earth, he knew that her twin had already been incarnated shortly before. In fact, he had been incarnated on a neighboring farm and his name was Giorgio Enzo Di Penio Larazzo. That’s how I understood, but I could be wrong. She was also very young, between the ages of 18 and 23, and Melissa was between the ages of 14 and 18. Enzo, as he was known in childhood by the other children, had first seen Melissa as a boy. This happened at a party at Melissa’s parents’ farm. She was tiny, as beautiful as a sunbeam, radiating her Light in flowering fields! Since childhood, there was something different in both of them. There was magnetism!

The energy that enveloped them was so vibrant that one of the grandmothers always said smiling… “I see the future!…” – It was a lady called “Vó Calinha” (this is what I understood).There was, however, a “concern” in the high spheres as to whether these two beings could carry out their mission, which was to sustain the very powerful force that would trigger the cascade effect mentioned. There were many other beings who would try to stop it. The anchorage would increase gradually, in percentage, and the prediction was to reach 100% of energy anchored in the Planetary Grid. This would be disastrous for the negative entities that “coordinated” the planet where, due to the collective vibrations, the energies would still be extremely low.

Several calculations were made in order to know if there would be a possibility of the final anchoring being completed. The intention was for Melissa to leave the physical plane at age 79 and Giorgio, two months after her departure, would also leave. But that was not what happened, because she disincarnated ahead of schedule. As had been foreseen, the Terran collective was not ready for such a discharge.

Also, the Terran environment would not be able to withstand such V5 (Extreme Magnetic Radiation) twin magnetism, which creates a powerful vortex, which simply envelops any negativity and transmutes it immediately (was the mentors’ explanation here with me, Gabriel RL). And of course, because everything is perfect, everything is always following a higher plane, although at first glance, it does not seem. In order to do this, the collective, or at least a critical mass, would have to provide support for both of them to sustain the force, since they were also suffocated in a densified environment, heavy bodies and intense psychic attacks of negative forces on the planet and out of it. This incarnation was, therefore, a preparation for future movements.

Of course, before this, they have already been here and made sustenance attempts, but the environment was, as always, extremely densified to support it.In the above-mentioned incarnation, they were able to anchor more than all of the previous ones, since they gave more of themselves in the attempt to obtain at least half of the ideal support. In this, when they were together and formed a beautiful couple radiating the most powerful currents of Magnetic Light, something that had somehow been expected… Melissa left the physical plane drastically.

Giorgio and her rode the farm on a horse, when a squirrel crossed in front of the horse, which was coming at a certain speed. This frightened tossed violently Melissa and Giorgio. Giorgio fractured a few ribs, Melissa, or Mel, as he was affectionately called, banged his head hard and disincarnated immediately.

She was three or four months pregnant, and the child, too, obviously could not resist. A broken “knot”, drastically.But there is something good, something wonderful in this moment! They reincarnated and are currently acting on the Terran Physical Plane on their support missions.

As has also been foreseen, many forces opposed to this support are attempting the completely dismantle this “Node” which, as it is very connected to other “Nodes”, would eventually trigger a negative cascade effect, the reverse of what is intended. But now there is something different: there is a critical mass supporting and reverberating.

The V5 force can act in this reality and be sustained, even more strongly, if there is the support of all.Pleiades 1 mentioned in one of its notes “Sustentation to the specific support V5 requested!”. So a call to all those who resonate with the information is being made to create meditations, visualizing, in your own way, that support being reverberated and maintained.

Visualize thousands, hundreds, millions of magnetic “Knots” made and radiating all over the planet, rewriting the Earth’s Crystalline Grid, adding to it the information that there is no force more powerful than Love and that we are free to live Love in fullness. At this moment, Melissa and Giorgio are incarnated and are adults aware of their missions. And although the storms are sometimes frightening, again the forces of Light inform: “There is nothing more powerful than Love”. Melissa carries a Magnetic Crystal called “Lapel”, a Crystal built in the Magnetic Universe, Hip 5, from where she came with its Twin Flame.

This crystal, which has a powerful function and radiance, is able to rewrite a Planetary Grid, as well as unleash situations that may lead people to dive into them and meet who they really are, abandoning their unreal garments and assuming their true nature . It is truly a Crystal capable of turning iron into gold, the most brutish being in the most noble being, the fear in pure Love, the unimaginable in the manifest.

Not only does Melissa have this Crystal, but all the Magnetic beings coming from there. Thousands of other beings have been gifted these powerful crystals and there are thousands of them scattered throughout the Planet, some materialized and others in their etheric form.

In fact, you can turn any Crystal you own into a “Lapel”, just asking with all your heart that the “Lapel” energy is anchored there in that Crystal, so you will also have that Crystal in the