Pleiades 1 Messages

P1 or Pleiades 1 is not a Pleiadian groups from the Pleiades. Even if we are all ONE, as has already been said, for a clearer and more comprehensible understanding, we will explain better.

P1 or Pleiades 1 are beings of the 17th dimension and are not Pleiadians as some people think.

They come from the seventeenth dimension through a portal in the Pleiades Star System, one of the countless interdimensional portals that exist there.

This group of spherical consciousnesses entered through the portal of the number 1, existing there at the Pleiades. Therefore, let’s say: Pleiades 1 = Consciences that have entered through the Portal 1, the Pleiades.

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Schumann vibrant! High peaks in 24h linear.

Templar Reformulation happens.

Reintegrations of trapped fragments being announced. Attention *Nilun, The Fragment Collector!

Immediate call the Team on Earth. Depolarization announced.

Okingons celebrate reunification.

KANI collecting old war fragments in Lunar Sector. Protection guaranteed. 77% (non-regressive).

Attention *Alfeus! Larger fusions happen.

*Zero i: Special accelerations happen, as old contracts break is completed. The Light Celebrates!

Main Fleet lowering orbit.

Old dragons in Superior Council. Reorganizations happen.

Attention Árpia, the Creator of Moments! Special fusions happen.

Attention *Hermia, The Magic of Development: detachments for realignments happen.

End of Transmission

Pleiades 1 (Extending Crystalline Field in Terran environment)



He is a Being of a Devic Kingdom, highly developed telepathically and very loving. He have all the affection throughout the Deva Kingdom. His kingdom is from the galaxy of Andromeda, a cluster of eight (8) small planets, three of which are to illuminate this system.

He had passages in several other systems, Sirius, Vega, Orion and a longer time was in the System of the Pleiades, from where it went to Terrano System, thousands of years ago. Thousands of years ago it was also in the oceans, wearing the dress of a prince of the seas, (like the Mermaids).

In one of his robes, he is a Beautiful Elf that works with other beautiful Elves and Fairies in a work of collection and defragmentation. Collection and defragmentation of Fragments of Souls!

For thousands of years, in many stellar systems there have been many nuclear explosions.

These explosions affect not only a physical realm, as it did with the Terran system in its world wars, but affect a whole system. Nuclear explosions are not only dangerous for destroying the physical, but also severely aggravate the astral realms.

When there is a nuclear explosion and a physical being dies, it also has its soul damaged. In the explosion, besides the destroyed physical, the soul ends up being fragmented in the explosion, as if they were thousands of pieces, a “rain of glitter”. Is very sad.

That is why the high spheres are very rigid when certain non-spiritually advanced civilizations begin to develop this weapon. This is what happened to the Terrano System when they discovered the bomb. The humans were immediately warned not to use this weapon. “Of course, terrestrial humanity had no maturity at all.

Not only do nuclear explosions affect souls by making them fragmented, but also the relationships between beings.

When you enter into dramatic relationships, where there are disputes and sufferings and your bodies of pain interact, where there are loving relationships in which partners constantly fight and only unite for sexual intercourse, know that there is soul exchange, Fragments. If you give your partner parts of you, and he is not worthy to have parts of you honoring, dignifying and giving parts of it to you in a loving way and in a loving exchange, there is a problem. Relationship is a constant “love exchange,” it is a “give love,” it is “the other receives and gives back love.” If not, there is problem, there is fragmentation. This is something that happens naturally, especially in sexual intercourse. There is an energy exchange, because pieces of you go to the other. And if it is an unworthy relationship, there is suffering and fragmentation.

Many Terrans are afflicted by being shattered when they end a loving relationship, or even a friendship, or break ties with a loved one. The feeling is that your pieces have gone away. That’s because you gave parts of yourself allowing them to go, in an unworthy way.

Everyone knows that you should give love without expecting anything in return, but you should not confuse this with allowing yourself to be vampirized.

A vampire is also a process that fragments your soul, steals your energy, as in “blocks,” making your soul fragmented because the vampirized energy of you is yours, not the other. How many people have already vampirized you! And, know: there are thousands of pieces of you scattered around. Take them back. Empower yourself and decree that you want to take back all the energy that has been taken from you and that you want everything to come back to you again

Giving love without waiting in return has nothing to do with allowing yourself to be drained. When you are completely defragmented, in a loving and harmonious state, you give love to the other and this donated love “does not need you,” because from its inner source flows a river of endless love.

But when you are, in a way, disconnected from your inner strength, your inner love, your self-love, (which happens in most Terran relationships, when one wants the other to complete and nourish it) -there, Yes, there is room for fragmentation.

You give up waiting to receive because you think it will only be complete if the other also gives you. Then all the problems begin. When there is complete love interaction between beings, there is no risk of vampirehood. They both really love each other; Both, by themselves, are complete; They do not need to steal energy from each other.

They exchange each other and equally give and receive energies in a beautiful way, so that their fragments become one. While a fragment travels to meet the being, in the middle of the path it merges with the fragment that comes from the other being.

They merge, become one, and divide again as they continue the journey to the other being in an exchange activity. It’s a beautiful thing to see. (That’s what I, Gabriel, now see with the spiritual vision that God gave me at the moment).

There is no theft there. It is love interaction, the most intense.Accidents, childhood traumas and many other issues also end up fragmenting the soul, making it incomplete of itself.

Further explanations were needed here to better enlighten readers about the magnificent work of this loving Being and his Dévic Grouping.

This Being has as primary function to help in the collection of these fragments of scattered souls and to return them to their owners, promoting the complete defragmentation of the Soul.

When a Terrano decrees that he wishes to have all of his fragments back in the tone of Divine Authority and Love, this group of collectors quickly works in harmony, collecting all the fragments, whether they be on the Terran Plane or any other system, To give back to your due Being.

It is a beautiful work done throughout the Galaxy, and beyond.In its highest expression, this beloved Being of Dévic Nature not only collects fragments of Terran and Galactic souls, but systems of whole worlds. When there are natural explosions in certain systems, and there is a great fragmentation of matter, it meets with its grouping to organize all the fragments, in a harmonious way.

This particular group is responsible for keeping the beautiful rings around Saturn in a harmonic way. Not only of Saturn, but of most of the planets of the local Solar System containing rings. But, they have a special affection for Saturn, where some of them have had some lives.

This beloved Being is in constant contact with the beings of nature, consciously or unconsciously, being able, when in consciousness, to call them at any moment. He is so loved by them that he is often given surprises … He has recently received a few surprises and will continue to receive. For the skeptical Terranos, it may seem “silly,” but deep down in their soul, they know where they come from.

Often your devic friends honor he with fragments of little things of nature, for example, small balls that may, surprisingly, fall from a tree when you pass through that place.

They do this and laugh lovingly, honoring them.Nilun has a strong magnetic connection with that call from Cinti, The Storyteller.

Just as it also has a magnetic connection with that known as Eliar-Flours, having been found for thousands of years in the Andromedan System.

He met with 0i (Zero i) the first time in a meeting, when the Terrano Plan was forming, and Nilun was informed that one day they would meet again on the surface of that Planet. When he was in the seas, he also met with Cadhi, Magic, The Flautist and Akashssa.

In his usual deviant garb, when he is in the astral zones he wears a garment that looks like a green overcoat darker and brighter, with buttons as if they were pearls of the sea. He has very pointed ears, a penetrating and greenish look. Hair in a dark tone, but when in contact with solar energy they become lighter, platinum blond.

There is a particular gesture that I will describe as follows: when you are observing something carefully, you let the head fall slightly to the right in a movement that shows attention and curiosity . He likes to walk barefoot and his feet are always beautiful and bright. He’s reasonably tall, with his six feet. He has the ability to turn counterclockwise and disappear into a bright green cloud.

He has more special abilities, among them, is hypnosis. Use it only when needed, and always to protect some environment of not very loving visitors.

He looks deep into the eyes of the invader and paralyzes him with his gaze, shows the palm of his right hand to him, and he becomes paralyzed. It has a very particular perfume too, which when it arrives in some environments is quickly known. If it is an environment where darkness prevails, all who are there, fall asleep.

He is being called by Pleiades 1 to assist in the complete defragmentation of the Terran System at this final moment, which precedes the leap from Terran reality to high vibrations.

Called both in the astral and in the physical plane to help beings defragment their souls, lovingly returning to them their lost parts in spacetime. Called to gather in the astral and physical all those of his group that for some reason are lost of themselves.

He is receiving powers of invocation from P1, which will quickly bring any lost soul fragment. He will be receiving in his telepathic channel the powerful invocations that, when made, will move a power coming from his kingdom.

Called to reassure the Terran hearts, from the astral and physical, giving them the tranquility that NOTHING IS LOST. This is your motto, Nilun.



An angelic being, radius of Mikhael and Gabriel (Archangel). It is the perfect interaction between the two energies. It is a mixed-be warrior with announcer. It has beautiful white wings with heavenly blue tones. Tall, beautiful eyes that look like two galaxies with its trillions of stars. Sometimes, on some occasions, it becomes like a bird hawk. It is a being announcer, belonging to the legion of Mikhael and Gabriel and works in both legions simultaneously.

In his galactic guise, is a member of the Ashtar Command staff, also with the role to announce the new guidelines. Receives instructions lovingly and passes. It is a reliever be in nature and, thus, when necessary acts as a psychologist in recovery mother ships, which are those mental disorder removed from the negative zone.

His loving presence calms. He has his heart like a huge erupting volcano, ejecting flames in blue, white and pink. These flames directed by him reach the other being full, causing them to reflect on the real meaning of life, about the need to keep the Faith, Love and always be willing to serve with gestures of kindness.

It is by nature an energetic conductor, serving as a “wire” to take Mikhael Gabriel and energies where it goes. It is also guardian of interdimensional portals, and, with its beautiful wings, close the entries for malicious beings. He also, by nature, has such a piercing gaze that no negative entity can look him in the eyes, feeling uncomfortable with so much light.

On many occasions, negative forces tried to circumvent the security of certain astral regions when Alfeus arrived quickly in this place, and the brothers of darkness left in disarray, afraid, alone, his gaze.

When he goes on hellish areas, as it descends, will closed eyes and flapping its wings gently, and when it arrives, open them completely and opens the beautiful big eyes, extends his palms, and each of them leaves a distance of light Blue and White. When you open your eyes, it’s as if a light storm fell there. He always says: “I AM Alfeus, AND HONOR WHO I SERVE.” And, immediately, is heard by Mikhael and Gabriel.

Is being called the Pleiades 1 to fully anchor your energy on the physical and astral plane Terrano in order, like a trumpet, announce the come time and say that time is running out for those who still insist on resisting the Light. Announces that divina justice does not fail and is on the way.

Flapping its wings on fire etheric to cause it to ignite and reach the largest possible number of souls, transmuting all the negative forces of all the astral and physical areas Terranas. Every time you get to a physical place where there there is any negative energy, mentally or verbally say “I AM ALFEUS, AND HONOR WHO I SERVE” immediately incorporate yours highest Self.



He is a Being Magnetic overflowing with Universal Love. He came from a Magnetic Universe not yet known on Earth. His name is SeeDreaack 0i (i Zero) is a celestial code: 0 = units within the command. i = is the expansion energy.

Representative of the primary energy of creation. Zero, when his name is pronounced in the lower astral planes and on the surface, disintegrate any negative currents. The code also identifies the multiverse.

Zero has recently received an update to be applied in his energy field, this update is known as ULT (Universal Love Transmitter).

He spent 170 (one hundred and seventy) terrestrial days receiving energy directly from his Magnetic Universe, which allowed to update directly on the Earth surface and become one of the direct transmitters of this magnetic energy, from their magnetic universe, to Earth.



The Magic Of Development.

Long ago, in a very distant galaxy, which was not even known to the Terrans, there was a group of tall beings, eyes the color of a yellow-orange sun, tanned skins and endowed with a Love without Limits.These beings were (and can be said they still are) responsible, along with a host of other loving beings, for assisting in the development of the Milky Way, the Galaxy of the Terrans.

Among these beings there was Hermia. Tall, skin that looked like gold, eyes as big as two shining suns, hair with its golden strands that looked like pure gold, combed back, with a sort of tiara of blue and white diamonds.Sometimes, too, they looked like countless numbers of gold threads that covered his whole body.

When she left this system, with thousands of her grouping, besides helping in the development of the Milky Way, they incarnated, in mass, in several points.Hármia, in particular, went through Sirius A and B, Pleiades, Orion, Antares, Aldebaran, Venus, and is currently in the Terran Plane.

In this, she had passages in Atlantis, Lemuria and the mythological Greece, while in the army of Helen of Troy.She was also incarnated at the time of Jesus and, in a beautiful experience, she was cured of an illness when she visited the house of Zacchaeus.

Hármia was also present in the French Revolution.In another incarnation, she lived a few years in the reign of Amenhotep III and was one of the children, between 8 and 10 years of age, who played with Haronn and Akhenaten. At the time, Hármia was called Hami-tah-lu (or, as it was affectionately called by her little friends, “Tah-Lu”).

She carried the Magic of Healing with her Hands, and often when her little friends fell while they were playing, she placed her hands on them and healed them with the imposition. The children were amazed, and she, ashamed! She was very shy!

He disincarnated with respiratory insufficiency even before Akhenaten took the throne. She could not stay longer in that plane, as there were some other work to do in the astral zones…She helped in the process of cleaning the astral zones of the Terran Plan for the coming of Jesus. She volunteered to be one of those beings who would be touched and healed by the power of Love, so that all Terrans could see that the power of the Love of God is able to Heal and raise the already dead to the physical life, like for Lazarus, risen by Jesus. (In other words, she had no karma to become paralyzed, but she chose to be so, only to he healed by in front of everybody and all might see the power of Love manifested and what it can do).

Hármia is a very loving soul and her magnetism tends to involve everyone with much affection.She is a being that carries the Magic of Development. Her energy causes souls to experience what they need to experience. It makes things happen. She is an being that unblock what is locked.

She is, by nature, a being that disintegrate the negative currents. If there is any part in the body of some Terran that is block the energy, especially in the joints of the body where it causes very uncomfortable pains, for example in the knees, only with the imposition of her hands, that energy is unblocked and released.If there is something blocked in one’s life, the approach of Hármia moves the forces orces move to unlock it. Just as Árpia, The Moment Maker, she is a creator of synchronicities and perfect movements necessary for situations.

Let’s say: If two people need to meet in a life to deal with certain unfinished business, Árpia and her court of Rose Angels come into action to make this moment to happen. Hármia come into play after these two souls meet, to activate the lessons the lessons and causing the karma and dharmas to move properly to unlock what is blocked.

If, for example, a person has a lawsuit in progress and appears to be stalled, the presence of Hármia quickly triggers a series of movements that can unlock that situation.If one person needed to find another movement (already created by Árpia, The Creator of Moments) to resolve an unfinished business, Hármia will bring all the necessary moves so that “the cards are placed on the table” and that situation (karmic pendancies) is resolved as soon as possible.

Not by chance, in her highest expression is one of the assistants of the energies that make up the Karmic Council in the Terran Plan. She, Hármia, is part of the Divine Courts acting on the Karmic Council.

Also, not by chance, her name “Hármia” is a codification similar to “Árpia”, The Creator of Moments. So they work together in the high spheres and now also in the Terran Physics Plan.Metaphorically speaking, it’s like if Árpia is the path to an amusement park. A kind of precise GPS. When the person arrives at the park, he has to choose which game to paly. After it hase been chooses, Hármia comes into action, The Magic of Development, which acts as the engine that makes the game work, for example, a carousel… It is a beautiful teamwork!

It is a beautiful work of Moment Creation and Moment Development. One creates the Moment, the other Develops within the Moment! Oh, gorgeous!!!Hármia, The Magic of Development is being called the Pleiades 1 to assume definitely her position of Development through her motto is “I AM THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE DIVINE MAGIC, WHERE EVERYONE REACH HIS GOALS!“.

She is being called to reunite her grouping, where its majority is in the astral zones of the Terran Plan. Fortunately, most of them are in the Superior Astral Palnes.There are about sixteen thousand of her grouping in the Terran Plan, between Astral and Physical. She is being called to be present in all the Phalanges of the PVSE as a measure of enlightened to guarantees that all Phalanges can REACH THEIR DIVINE GOALS!