This is a course from a few years back that never got posted about Aeons, Archons, Archetypes, Christ-Sophia, Lucifer, Demiurge, Trinity Blue Prints, Time Matrix, Sacred Union, Restoring Balance and Global Alchemy.  

Keylontics Science, Peter Farley, Nag Hammadi, Gnostic texts, Urantia

Used to be part of a 9 hour series – may lose you in some places, but then will take you somewhere again… There are grey areas, not claiming 100% accuracy.  

This talks about how the planetary body was formed and how the Archons and certain negative ET races are using the Mother to create an Artificial Matrix to enslave us – the Luciferian agenda… Recognizing this and consciously choosing to embody Sacred Union and align with Nature, will help us to achieve Ascension, which is our expansion into higher Earth energies…

Originally Published on Jan 22, 2015

Laura Eisenhower