Listen to this remastered transmission connecting you to the Lion Star Race from Sirius. Many Starseeds on Earth have a strong karmic connection to this race of star beings who are connected to the Blue Lodge on Sirius A.

They have acted as guardians and benefactors of this planet for long thousands of years before Atlantis. They were also active after Atlantis on the earth-plane. Evidence for the Lion People can be found in Egyptian hieroglyphics and statues and stories of Egyptian Gods and Goddess. 

The Lion People are, amongst other things, geneticists and have helped develop life forms of various kinds for planets and stars in the universe. They are also great explorers and warriors when the need arises.

They have interceded in crucial times in our long history in times of crisis and have contributed to the general genetic experiment that is humanity in a very beneficial way.

Steve Nobel    TheSoulMatrix



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