ET contact researcher and regression therapist Mary Rodwell shares stunning accounts of Starseed Children and their families who reveal their connection with non-human intelligence.

Some of these children say they are routinely taken on board ET craft and taught along with other children, some of which they say are NOT human, where they have learned how to levitate, communicate via telepathy and remote viewing, among other skills. 

Some claim OTHERS have abducted them and taken them to underground bases in order to hijack some of their newly acquired skills. But who’s doing this and why? Mary shares the shocking truth!

These are no ordinary children and they live extraordinary lives, despite their having to struggle with living on a planet that does not support nor understand who they really are. 

Mary maintains that these “starseeds” are those who have become “activated” and  their DNA upgraded, and she feels strongly that many on planet earth are now undergoing a similar transition.

This episode was filmed on location in Watford, UK at the High Elms Manor in 2018.

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