On The GoldFish Report No 272 Louisa and Winston welcome back James Gilliland from the ECETI ranch in Washington State and Peter Maxwell Slattery from ECETI Australia to discuss the “Uncontrolled Narrative” movie recently released from the ECETI ranch about disclosure of Extra-Terrestrials on and above earth.  

James and Peter answer the questions about discerning between positive and negative beings and whether a treaty is needed to begin first contact and disclosure.

 Clips from the movie are shared and amazing video of UFO’s powering up over the ECETI ranch dazzle visitors and us as well.  

Peter gives us a glimpse of how the people down under view UFOs and the Pine Gap Base there where many citings have been reported. 

The link for the movie “Uncontrolled Narrative” is below. 

To learn more about James Gilliland and Peter Maxwell Slattery and ECETI please visit: www.eceti.org

To follow James and all the latest news at ECETI visit their ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel

Link to The Uncontrolled Narrative

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