From Lady G tome from one of her recent Conversations with Max:

“Here’s the third message of the three important messages related to 

max and the term he coined of a heart based reality: i cleaned it up a little. it’s not an easy one but I hope some people will get it. 

About the Truth (= heart based reality) timeline:   


There are many different timelines in this reality.

All have a potential for an outcome that is higher or lower ( drama or peace, fear or love) depending on how many people are subconsciously programed to believe this potential reality and give their energy to it. Even when they are opposing it, they still give their energy and power away by engaging with it, and believing it.

Their subconscious and conscious programming is directly affecting what timeline is playing out because of the consensus reality they support and create either in unison with the lower fourth dimensional agenda or more consciously with a higher, heart based understanding. 

There’s a split, a discrepancy within many different timelines as people are being confused and polarized and within the polarization there is a lot of differing  perceptions of the “truth” of political and even exo-political stuff. 


People are creating a dissonance within their own potential timelines and the truth timeline is sort of a mix of the opposing timelines. to simplify this a lot:

It’s like three main timelines / potentials: 

The third is sort of a mix of what is truthful in all perceptions of reality. …very much simplified. 

This heart based reality is going to emerge / activate over the next years 

Aided by the raising of the vibration of the planet and with people more in tune with their own heart based perception and creation of reality. 


– He’s showing me a picture of : 

Tide rising : Water ( gamma rays that are hitting the planet- consciousness )  is going up.


Once a certain point is reached, the new timeline can be born / activated, and there will be a lot of chaos…


LG : Everyone’s duty is to find their own truth through a heart based understanding of reality, more so in tune with energies and feelings than with mind based perception. 


Yes, exactly. 

LG : so the most important step to get there is the uncovering of subconscious beliefs that are running everyone’s life. 

MAX: Yes:  some of them were inherited over generations and stored in DNA. Some of them are there simply because they have been experienced as truth in this lifetime or other life times. And let’s not forget the Saturn -Moon connection here, that in itself needs to be reprogramed. 

LG: Yes, agreed.  Thank you Max!


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