IN THESE VIDEOS where I say I have received a message in my email from a person who wants to remain anonymous, I am READING off of what was SENT TO ME in my email.

In this video I read a message that I received yesterday from a “Secret Messenger”  who requested that I refer to how I received this message as follows (she asked me to call her “Lady G” since I let her know I needed to refer to her as something when I talked about her in my vids and so needed some kind of name or nickname and she gave me “Lady G”.

“Received from a source who has been in touch with max telepathically the last few months and who has been able to build a truthful heart based connection and who wants to remain anonymous.’

Max states in this: “Team Red Rose killed me”.

Thank you for this transmission and I hope that those that connect with this information receive it and find value it in!

much love always, Rose

Rose NuBlueprint4848

“Lady G” talks with Max and shares it with me to share it with you all who want to hear from Max. Please listen with your Heart and only accept what feels right and let go of anything that does not sound or feel right to you. It’s just a sharing of information for us all to consider, inspect, analyze, study, feel, acknowledge, sift through and utilize as we wish,


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