Listen to this transmission to clear negative alien interference and restore your original template of light. In this journey you will meet with your team of the highest light in Spirit. Also Metatron, Michael and Archangels from Sirius who will lead you to a higher dimensional clearing temple on Sirius. Here you will be worked on by a number of beings to clear all forms of negative alien interference.

“Clear all negative alien interference. Restore the highest pathways of light from my Higher Self and I Am Presence to this centre of light. 

Clear all karmic other lifetime vows, agreements, promises with alien races. Release all imprinting of trauma or experimentation or conflict or any form of self-limitation from other lifetimes with negative alien groups. 

Clear all agreements from your bloodline that opens you to alien interference. Release all imprinting from bloodline of trauma or experimentation or conflict or any form of self-limitation with negative alien groups. 

Clear any interference through energy manipulation, or mind control or black magic. Clear and close any negative portals. Openings, vortexes or channels to lower frequency alien dimensions or groups. 

Clear any implants or crystals or alien devices/technology and all circuitry. Dissolve any cords to negative alien groups. Clear all and any alien hive mind connections. 

Clear all negative alien connections or issues thru all layers of the Akashic related to this chakra.”

Steve Nobel



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