There are very potent energies streaming forth now, and these may be affecting sleep patterns, and also add to food intolerance, and make one super-sensitive to energies, vibes, etc.

The earth’s energy fields are being intensely upgraded, as she is shifting more and more into the frequency bands of the 5D. Our physical bodies have problems adjusting to both the cosmic influx of energies and the earthly ones. For we cannot isolate or separate ourselves from either of them – for we cannot function without both streams flowing in.

You may sometimes experienced a space-outness, or dizziness, then ground yourself, either by walking barefoot outside on grass or the earth, or go walk by sea, or else go for hikes in the forest or anywhere you can be in nature. Water grounds too. Or else put grounding cords down like roots from a tree, through your feet and ground them around the massive Crystal Pyramid of Light in the middle of the earth. Call in Archangel Sandalphon to assist you,

As for the upper channels flowing freely as well, call in Archangel Metatron, who is in charge of the Stellar Gateway Chakras and as these two Archangels are Twins, they work in tandem to help you to cope with the energy influx, from above and below.
If you are still floating, then ask someone to lightly press your down your shoulder blades, that grounds you immediately.

Alternately, use crystals to help you. Amethyst, clear quartz, Black Tourmaline, etc. all work together. 

So often as Lightworkers our upper chakras are flowing freely, and out lower ones, especially the base chakra is blocked. So work on the lower chakras and ground yourself, through the earth star chakra, about 3 cm below both of your feet. 

The energy upgrades are going to escalate in the next few months and years and we will have become aware of this, and then learn to navigate and live in much higher frequency bands.

Judith Kusel


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