Inter-dimensional Journey to SELF

I was awakened the next day by the rising Sun. I was in a sunny, yet protected area between a huge rock and a very big tree. It was actually the most wonderful place I could have slept because the rock kept the warmth of the day almost into dawning, and the tree left it’s leaves under and over me.

In fact, there were so many warm leaves around me, that I wondered if the tree had sent them to me.

“Why of course I did! All of us Nature Beings take care of awakening human ones.”

“What do you mean by awakening human ones?” I said as I stood up and brushed the leaves off my body.

“Dear human one, do you mean to say that you do NOT know you are an awakening one? Even I can tell that you are awakening, and I am a tree!”

When the tree identified itself, I was sure I was still asleep and having a dream. I was about to pinch my self to wake up when I heard the Tree say, “Wait, wait, child. You must not fully awaken now, or you will doubt all that has happened, and is happening within this NOW.”

“Happening within this NOW?” I think I said to the tree. Obviously, I was still sleeping.

“Yes, you have been ‘sleeping’ all your life, but now you are awakening.”

“What am I awakening to?” I asked. “I am fully aware that I had just had a very long dream, but I don’t know who packed my bags, or how I got them all the way out here?”

“You woke up in the forest and don’t know how you got here? I will remind you that we, your Nature Family, have called you here because you have awakened to your new life, which is multidimensional.”

“Multidimensional?” I asked. “What does that mean? I know that I have a huge imagination, and sometimes I seem to get so lost in it that I get confused what is a dream, what is my imagination, and what is real.”

“It does not seem ‘real’ that I am talking with a tree. I mean, I imagine that I see beings in the sky, the water, and even on the earth and, most of all, inside of a fire, but that is just my vivid imagination. Right?” I asked.

“You are having an ongoing conversation with a tree. And, I am very grateful for your ability to commune with me. We can speak with each other now because you are traveling into the higher planes while you sleeping.”

“But, I was sleeping right there,” I said as I pointed to my sleeping space.

“Yes,” answered the tree, “but while your third dimensional physical body was sleeping, your fourth dimensional astral body was awake and conversed with my fourth dimensional tree body.”

Somehow, I understood exactly what the tree was telling me.

“It is through your imagination that you human ones can hear and converse with all of us Nature Beings. We, Nature Beings, have been talking with you since you were born. It is for that reason that the Higher Light Ones told us to watch over you. And you humans made that task quite difficult,” the tree seemed to smile when it said that to me.

“But, wait a minute, I never thought that a tree could “say” anything,” I whispered under my breath.

“There you go again,” said the tree, “thinking and acting like a human being when YOU are actually a Nature Being!”

“A Nature Being?” I asked the tree. Obviously, I was still asleep and this whole conversation was a dream.

“Yes, replied the tree, “You would need to think of this experience of talking with a tree to be a “dream.” In fact, your experiences since you “ran off into the woods,” seem like a dream to your awake self.

“But the reality is that you thought of this experience as a “dream,” so that you could allow yourself to “have a dream” of doing something that you can very easily do while you are awake.”

“Dear Awakening One, we are the collective of your Nature Friends who resonate within the fifth dimensional frequency band of this time and space! Therefore, rather than listening to us with your ears, listen to us with your Heart and Mind.

You are no longer on what you call ‘the physical plane.’ In fact, you have begun your “inter-dimensional journey back to SELF.”

Then, suddenly, I was fully awake to my physical world. However, I did see that I had slept in-between the warm rock and the nurturing tree, for which I was quite grateful. Also, while I was speaking with the Tree, I had a feeling on the top of my head, as if someone was tickling it with a feather.

I pushed away the unseen feather again and again, until I realized that the feeling was coming, not from the top of my head, but from just inside my skull. For a moment I was afraid. Everything was happening too fast, and there were too many new thoughts, feelings and experiences to keep track of.

Also, I was changing. This change seemed to begin when I felt a sensation, as if my heart and my mind were merging into a oneness that I had never experienced before. “What is wrong with me?” I cried up into the sky.

Then, I woke up and found myself in my cabin. “Did I dream all of these experiences?” I asked my unseen mentor. However, my mentor was silent. My heart was beating calmly, and my mind was telling me that I was hungry.

“No, No!” I cried. Was that whole experience real, or was it just a dream?”

“Is there a difference?” I heard from deep within and high above.



Is it Real or Just a Dream

Suddenly I woke up with the thought in my mind of, “Is there a difference? Is there a difference between what, I asked myself. Or, maybe I was asking the tree that I dreamed of, or met, in my dream state.

“Maybe you are asleep now, and you were awake when you had what you call a “dream?” spoke a voice that was far away, but also deep inside me.

In the past, I would have called out to Shalone for assistance, but, she was no longer in my life. Was I having dreams to replace her? Or, maybe these “dreams” are real, and what I thought of as my life is a dream?

“In a way, you are correct.” I heard a deep inner voice.

“Who is speaking to me?” I asked.

“It is I. I am you. In fact, I am your Higher SELF.”

“Are you telling me that I, Shara Lynn, actually have a Higher SELF?” I asked.

“Of course, everyone has a Higher SELF,” said my Higher SELF. It is just a matter of whether or not that person is aware of that fact.”

“Dear Higher SELF,” I stammered, as now I was shy, “Was Shalone my Higher Self too?” I asked, trying to understand what this voice was telling me. I had decided that my experiences were from some inner being, but now I could clearly hear a voice that was also “outside of me.”

I didn’t know what this inner, or outer, voice was going to say until it said, “I am high above you, but I am also deep inside your heart/mind.”

I wondered what a heart/mind was, and why this voice came into my mind, and yes, the voice came into my heart as well.

“Very goodShara Lynn,” spoke my higher/inner voice. “You realize that this message, like all higher dimensional messages, are “heard” by your heart andyour mind. Actually, your mind receives our message, but the message must be shared with your heart before you can understand it.

“You see dear,” continued the inner voice, “it is my duty as your Higher SELF to remind you that you are a multidimensional being. Yes, yes, we see that we will need to tell you a bit about what “multidimensional” means. Are you ready to listen?”

I was a bit challenged by that question, as I did not know whether or not I was ready to talk to, or listen to, my Higher SELF. Why was it easy for me to talk to a tree, but so challenging to talk with my own Higher SELF?

“Are you talking to me?” I heard yet another voice inside of me.

“Who are you? How can I possibly keep track of all these versions of my self?” I asked in a very frustrated manner. Then, I started to feel badly for talking, or thinking, that way to a Higher Being.

“Please don’t feel like you should monitor your thinking with me,” said the Higher Being. “Remember, I am yet another version of YOU, but I resonate to a higher frequency than the earth vessel that you are currently wearing.”

OK, Now I was really confused! “Earth vessel that I am currently wearing??” what does that mean?”

I braced myself for another “inner answer,” but this time, there was no response. I waited for a bit until I could stand it no longer.

“OK, Inner Voice, Higher Being, or whoever you are, you have my full attention. Are you the one who told me to come out into the woods so I could have these conversations with the “Nature Beings?”

When I heard a hardy chuckle, I asked, “Do Higher Beings laugh?”

“Why of course,” answered the Higher Being, “Laughter is an important part of being a Higher Being. It took a great deal of studies, meditations, initiations and personal decisions to expand my consciousness down into your lower frequency of reality.”

“Lower frequency of reality?” I asked. “Is there more than one frequency of reality? And, are we in a lower frequency?”

“Yes, my child,” spoke the Higher Being. “there is definitely more than one frequency of reality. In fact, when you stepped through the portal, you entered into this “higher frequency of reality.”

“Dear Higher Being,” I said. “when did I step through a portal? I don’t remember doing that. In fact, there is a great deal that I don’t remember. I know I was talking with a tree, which for some reason, was much easier than talking to you, a Higher Being.

“I am not just aHigher Being. I am yourHigher Being, and you seem to be talking to me in a very natural and honest manner,” responded my Higher Being.

“But, I am just a young girl. How could I deserve to talk with my Higher Being?” I said. I hope I was respectful.

“Yes, dear Ascending One. You are very respectful,” spoke my Higher Being in response to my unspoken question. Also, the Higher Being seemed to change somehow and began to speak to me in a very sweet and kind voice, which instantly comforted me.

Now, I felt more relaxed, but could I dare to ask my Higher Being what an “Ascending One” meant?

“Yes dear, we are happy to answer all your questions.”

“But I did now ask it. Can you read my mind?”

“Of course Dear, we are YOU in a higher dimension of reality. Therefore, we can read your mind, as we are ONE with YOU. Soon, you will remember how to allow yourself to commune and communicate with us via your Higher Mind.

“We came to tell you that we would like to communicate with you on a regular basis. In fact, we have already begun our ongoing communications, as we are currently sharing a conversation,” spoke my Higher Being.

But what is a “Higher Being?” I pondered in my mind.

“Try pondering that important question in your heart,” spoke my Higher Being.

Thinking with my heart? I was wondering how that could be possible when my Higher Being said, “Dear Shara Lynn, you just thought with you heart. Do you realize how you did that?”

I shook my head “NO.” I was so confused about how to talk with my Higher Being. NO, that is not what was confusing me. Then, I realized that I could not accept that if I could have a “Higher Being.” I mean, I am just a teen, barely just a teenager, and far from being an adult.

“Dear Shara Lynn,” spoke the voice. Did it speak more lovingly, or was I becoming able to accept the flow of love coming from this being’s every word. With that thought I felt a tear run down my cheek. Then, there were several tears, and before I knew it, I was sobbing into my hands, as if I was ashamed to cry.

“Oh, dear Shara Lynn, it is quite common for someone to cry for happiness.”

“Do you think that I am happy?” I asked, wiping my tears.

“Of course, dear child, soon to be an adult. Despite all that you have missed, including your beloved Shalone, you are quite happy.”

“Oh Shalone, Shalone, are you there within the Being that I am speaking with?”

“No darling,” I heard Shalone’s loving voice. “I am here within YOU?”

“Ignoring the tears running down my face, I said, “Please, please Shalone, if you are here show yourself to me. I miss you so much.”

“My dear Shara Lynn, this is not a situation over which you, or I, have any control. I no longer wear a body, and soon your form will change as well.”

“Oh Shalone, you are not wearing a body! Are you dead?” I asked holding back my sobs.

“Dear Shara Lynn, I no longer need to wear a physical body because I have ascended back to my Lightbody. NO,” Shalone said as she held up her hand to stop me from rushing towards her. “Dear Shara Lynn, I am no longer wearing a physical body. Therefore, you will not be able to feel me, much less hug me.”

“Oh Shalone,” I said trying to hold back my tears. “You are dead? But if you are dead, how can I see you?”

I started to walk towards her to see if she was indeed Shalone, but she put up her hand and said, “This is the only time that you will be able to see me. Even now, it takes great concentration for me to hold a physical energy field while my true essence is in the higher dimensions.”

I so wanted to touch the Shalone. I needed to get a warm hug from her, but as she spoke to me, I saw that I could see through her. It was not my beloved physical friend with whom I was speaking, but hopefully some higher version of her that no longer needed to wear a body.

“You are very wise, dear Shara Lynn, I am indeed wearing a higher version of what was once my third dimensional physical body. What you are seeing now is my fourth dimensional Astral Body, which I will soon transmute into my fifth dimensional Light Body.

“Dear Shara Lynn, I can see from the look on your face that you do not understand what I just told you. However, you will be happy to know that I have been given the loving assignment of teaching you about the different dimensions of reality.”

I was slightly aware that I was standing before my oh, so beloved, Shalone with my eyes as big as saucers and my mouth wide open. I had no idea what Shalone was talking about, or how I could be talking with her when she had a “fourth dimensional Astral Body,” whatever that meant.

It was then that Shalone engulfed me within her essence. I did not know what dimension we were in, but I could feel the deep love from her that I had been missing since her disappearance.

“I did not disappear, as I was always there,” I heard Shalone saying, but I still couldn’t see her.

“You can’t see the wind?” said Shalone, “But you can feel it. That is how you will perceive me. AND, that is how you will find the Matrix. You will FEEL me, and you will feel the Matrix.

Also, before I leave for now,” she said putting up her hand to stop me from protesting. “Just as you can’t see the wind, but you can see how it influences your physical world, you will ‘feel the Matrix,’ which will remind you that it is the NOW for another of our communications.”

I wanted to walk towards her in hopes that I could feel her, or perhaps go with her. But, she was gone.

“I will return!” I heard her voice and felt her love inside my heart. “Shara Lynn, remember that you are meant to find the Matrix.”

“How can find this Matrix, when I don’t even know what it is?” I cried.

“Listen with your heart and mind, and you will be guided to the Matrix.”

Then, she was gone. First I wanted to default to self-pity and cry, while I tried to find her. But, that would be a childish way to respond to the gift of her presence and the great mystery that she had left for me to solve.

I knew within that moment of decision that I truly was no longer a child. However, I was not yet an adult, so who was I?

“You are becoming your SELF and preparing for your destiny!” answered a voice from deep within and high above.



What do you mean by “My Earth life?”

I now realized that my desperate need to have Shalone in my life was why she had to leave me. I was using my need to be with Shalone as an excuse for remaining a dependent child. Now it was my time to grow up, whether I thought I was ready or not.

It is difficult for me to understand, much less describe, how I was feeling. But now I realize that I was frightened. How did I end up in this strange world? Would I ever see my family and friends again? And the most disconcerting question was, “Was I awake or asleep?”

Instantly, I heard Shalone inside my heart/mind saying, “Enjoy your adventure. You will look back at this NOW with love and happiness for the rest of your life. However, dear, I am being sent off on an assignment, and I will not be in your Earth life at all for many of your years.”

“What do you mean by, ‘my Earth life’ and why can’t I be with you for many years?”

I waited for an answer from Shalone. In fact, I waited and waited and waited. I am not sure how long I waited. But I do remember that one day I woke up, and I forgot to think about her at all for an entire day. That was a record.

I then knew that I couldlive without her. I also realized that if I loved her as much as I thought, why would I want to be sad about loosing her, when she was going to be happy in a wonderful place. I am not sure howI knew she had gone to a wonderful place, but I just knew.

That was the day that I decided it was time for me to make another journey into the woods, but this time it would be to search for the Matrix. I don’t know why I suddenly felt a need to “find the Matrix.” In fact, I was not even sure what a Matrix was. But, I knew that it was my mission to find it, and that when I found the Matrix, I would find something out about my SELF.

I had never totally felt like I fit in, and I always felt on the outside, and looking into a world that was not quite mine. My Grandmother raised me, but my Mother had always been a mystery to me. When I grew older, especially just before this adventure, I found my self asking people about my Mother.

At first I didn’t notice it, but over time I realized that everyone told me almost the exact story. It was as if the whole Village had made some kind of pact that they would not really tell me about my Mother.

I would ask people about her and they all said the same thing, like it was a script. Finally, I gave up. I would just have to be patient. Eventually, I would find out for myself.

Of course, everyone’s odd behavior when I asked about my Mother made me even more curious. Also, when my “Grandmother passed over to the other side, I was very lonely. Would I need to find a way to be friends with other human children?

Wait, wait! Why did I say “human children?” Does that mean that on some level I know that I am NOT a human child?

“You are NOT a child at all any more!” my Higher SELF said into my consciousness. In fact, my Higher SELF had been talking to me more and more after I returned from my adventure while I was in the woods.

There, I finally said it! Some unseen Higher Being had been talking to me. I was so concerned that others would find out, that I tried to even hide that fact from myself. Does that mean that I have finally accepted that that was why I seemed to be so different from everyone I know?

In fact, I have been having this very strange feeling about “time” and “sequences.” I guess because “time” seems to be something different to me than it does to others. But then again, I feel different from everyone in the Village.

Maybe I was “running away” when I first went into the woods. However, now that I have been in the woods so many times, and had so many conversation with Nature Beings, the woods feel more like my real home. In fact, when I left my village to run into the woods, I was NOT running away from home, but running to my realhome.

Now, nothing is the same. The woods are my only family. My real family is the trees, ponds, flowers, birds, deer and all the Nature Beings. Why do I feel more like a Nature Being than a Human Being?

With that thought, I suddenly felt very tired, so I decided to go to my spot between the tree and the big, warm rock. To my surprise I saw many bits of food. Somehow I just knew that the birds had gotten the food from the village and had left it here for me.

Just as I was thinking I was crazy I saw two Blue Jays bringing me a sandwich, that had obviously been taken from a human who had not been watching.

“Thank you dear Jay!” I cried up into the nearby tree where it was perching. I ate the sandwich quickly, as I was as tired as I was hungry. As soon as I finished the sandwich, I pulled the leaved over me and snuggled against the warm rock. It felt as if the great tree beside me was glad to see me back. But, I am sure if that is just my imagination.

I woke up the next morning, stretched out my body and thought, “I will need to finish this adventure before the cold comes, but for now, the tree offers a wonderful bed. Then I was sure I hears someone say “Thank You.” I looked all around, but found NO humans were around. But who said Thank You?

Of course, it was the friendly tree. I stood up again to give the tree a big hug to thank it for my shelter. I was just wondering where a, hopefully, warmer stream was when a lovely Fawn walked right up to me and licked my face. It then turned and walked slowly deeper into the woods.

Of course I followed. It was while the Fawn and I were walking through the woods that I realized that I was NOT alone. All the nature beings were taking care of me, and everything I needed seemed to appear at the exact moment that I thought of it.

It was then that I hear Shalone’s voice saying again, “Enjoy your adventure.”

“Yes, dear Shalone,” I spoke up to the Sun. “I will. In fact, I amenjoying my adventure very much!”



Lost In The Woods

That day in the woods was one of the most lovely days of my life. I never once felt sad or lonely, or even alone. I found myself walking deeper and deeper into the woods without a care in my mind.

That was my first mistake. It was nota mistake to release my cares and wows, but it was a mistake, or maybe it was Destiny, when I feel over the cliff because I was not paying attention to where I was going.

I have been walking in the woods since I was a small child, but I always stayed pretty close to the village and learned young to make markers along my trail so that I would know how to get back. However, this day, I was so blissful and feeling full of adventure, that I did not leave any markers.

It was my stomach growling for food that took me from my reverie. “Well, I guess it is time to go back to my spot by the big tree. I was smart enough to save half that sandwich there.” However, after I had walked for quite a while, I realized that I was going in circles.

“How can this be?” I shouted into the woods. “I have walked the woods for years, why would I get lost now?” I asked myself, try not to be concerned. The woods were huge, and I grew up hearing stories of people who disappeared off into the woods, and were never seen again.

“No, No! I shouted off into the woods. This cannot be. I never get lost in the woods,” but the woods did not reply. “WHY” I cried up into the treetops. “I never get lost in the woods!” But, the woods were still quite.

In fact, the woods were too quite. I did not hear the birds. I did not here the bees, and I could barely hear the comforting sound of the wind blowing through the trees. In fact, there was no wind. Everything was still. All the animal creatures were quiet and unseen, as if they were hiding from something or someone.

Therefore, I decided that I needed to hide too. I decided that I needed to return to my sleeping space and wait there until I got centered. However, when I went to where I was sure that space was, I could not find it anywhere.

Now, I was starting to get frightened. I had never been frightened in the woods, but as I looked around, I saw that all the animals seemed to be hiding as well. “Oh no!” I cried. Maybe hunters from another Village have come again to harm our Village and damage our woods.

Now I was really afraid! In fact, I was so afraid that I started to run. I had learned long ago not to run in the woods, as there was hidden roots to trip over and many precipices that were not visible until you were….. “THERE” I yelled as I stepped onto some soft ground, which gave way under my feet and sent me rushing down a steep hill.

I had become confused by my fear and self-doubt and had forgotten to avoid the very area that had sent me tumbling head over heals down the steep hill, which led directly to a cliff. I knew about this cliff, and had always avoided it, as well as the steep hill that I was now unconditionally rolling down.

And then it happened. I was falling off the cliff, completely out of control. I tucked into a ball to try to protect my body and called to Shalone. I was awakened by a soft voice who was patting my face dry with a warm cloth. I could not open my eyes until the dirt was washed off and cool water was poured over my face.

I was in deep shock, and did not feel any pain, but I knew that that was a bad sign, not a good one. I was disassociating from my body. In fact, I could feel myself gently lifting up. This “lifting up” was the most loving, wonderful, safe, and kind feeling I had ever felt.

Then, I saw myself—yes it was like there were two of me. I seemed to be floating above my body, but my body was also standing in some form of line. “Oh,” I remembered. “I am dead now, and I am standing in line to be directed to my “frequency of reality.”

“What,” I thought to my self. “How would I know about a frequency of reality?”

To my surprise, I heard the kindest, most gentle voice I had ever heard. The voice was as loving as Shalone, but it was NOT Shalone. “Yes, I am definitely dead.” I thought. “However, I had no fear or sorrow.”

“Yes dear, the body that you have been wearing is now dead, but you, the essence that fills that body to make you “alive” can never die. That body is your “Lightbody,” and it will take you to the higher planes of reality.

It is true that I still had no sorrow, but I guess I was a bit angry at myself.

“That is a common response for someone who has had an accident,” spoke the kind being. “Your earth vessel had no time to prepare your thoughts and emotions. Therefore, you may feel disoriented for a while.”

“Disoriented!” I thought, “What about sad, angry, disappointed and terrified?”

It was then that I felt the a deeply loving, accepting, all-knowing energy field surround my body. I figured it must be an energy field because the body that I was wearing in that reality was transparent and of soft golden and pink hues. As I looked at this body, it seemed as if it looked back at me.

Almost in response to my thoughts the loving Being seemed to whisper into my heart saying, “Do you want to go back to your body? It is very wounded, but you will likely heal because your friends from the Village will soon find you and will lovingly care for you.”

“I have friends who will lovingly caring for me?” I tried not to be too rude. “I didn’t think that anyone in the whole Village cared about me at all,” I said as I felt tears roll from my eyes.

“How can I have tears when I am dead!” I said to the voice, which was now taking on a body and a face. “Oh MY,” I cried out to the lovely, sweet and kind being. “YOU are comforting ME!”

It was then that I began to cry uncontrollably. For the first time in my life, or is this my death, someone comforted me. Or, was this was the first time that I ever let any one comfort me?

“We understand, dear Shara Lynn, that you have had very little love or protection in this life. In fact, only Shalone was there to meet your emotional needs. But you asked for this kind of incarnation because you wanted to learn how to be strong and independent. And, you have learned your lesson well. When you go back, you can decide if you want to change your life.”

“Go back?” I asked. “How can I go back when I am dead?”

“Our dear One, your physical body is not totally dead yet, but it is wounded gravely and you, the you that we would call ‘the Essence of this body and lifetime,’ must decide if you wish to return to that form.”

“Wish to return?” I asked. “Do you mean that I could go back to that body?”

“Yes dear, but it won’t be easy. Your body is very wounded and you will need to allow other people to care for you. In fact, that is why your Soul decided to allow this fall.”

“My Soul knew I could fall, and it did not help me?” I said with an angry voice.

“No dear, that is not what we mean. What we mean is that, if you had been listening to your Soul, you would have been able to hear its warning. However, you chose notto hear the voice of your Soul warning you. Therefore, you entered into the Initiation that you are now experiencing.?”

“Wait, wait, I don’t understand anything that you have said!” Now I know I was rude this time. Why was I being rude to a being who was obviously there to help me. I was about to apologize and ask the kind voice what I should do, but suddenly, I was back in my physical body. And OH the pain was beyond description. Why did I not allow that lovely voice to assist me? Why am I so angry all the time?

“When will you be able to grow into the Higher Being you have always been?” said the loving voice.

Then, I was alone, with just my PAIN!!!



Allowing Love

As I lay at the foot of the cliff, the pain was so extreme that I moved in and out of being conscious. Some how I knew that I needed to stay awake, but the pain was so intense that I wanted to go to sleep. Is this what I get for separating myself from everyone else in our community?

“No Dear,” I heard another voice say, “This is just a very bad accident. But you will need to allow people to take care of you for a while, as these wounds are extreme.”

The voice sounded like Shalone, but I could not see her face, or much of anything. In fact, I kept passing out, waking up for a few minutes, then passing out again. I needed help, but I was far away from the Village, and I had no way to let anyone know I was here in the woods and wounded at the bottom of a cliff.

“Why didn’t I tell anyone where I was going? How will they know where to search for me?”  I heard myself cry out loud.

Then, suddenly, I heard a rustling through the woods, and someone was calling my name? I tried to call back, but I exhausted my ability to speak and was loosing consciousness again. Then, I thought about my animal friends. Perhaps they would bring the villagers to me?

I put out a call to all my bird, deer and even a few bear friends, “Please guide my peopleto me?”

Did I just say “my people?” I asked myself. Then I heard Shalone’s sweet voice saying, “Yes love, they ARE your people. And some of them have been able to allow Nature to tell them where to find you.

“In fact,” Shalone’s voice continued, “They will be here soon. I will stay with you here until they arrive. Then you must trust them and allow them to love and care for you.”

I knew exactly what Shalone was talking about. I had pushed away everyone and had not allowed them into my world. I had neverallowed them to care for me, and then blamed them that they did not take care of me.

With that realization, I heard them coming through the woods.

Suddenly, two hunting dogs had found me and were barking and running back to the my friends to guide them to me. Oh my, I said “my friends.” Does this mean that I can finally let other people enter my heart and my mind?”

“There she is!!” I heard the strong voice of my friend John. Yes, he had tried and tried again to be my friend, but I had shunned him, and not in very nice ways.

“Do I need to fall off a cliff to finally trust people?” I said out loud.

“Yes, you do, dear friend,” I heard John say. “But we are indeed yourfriends forever!”

With those words, I passed out. I wondered where I would go to now, when I heard John say, “You are not going anywhere, and neither am I.”

How did he know to say that to me? Could he read my mind?”

“Friends forever, friends forever,” circled my mind as I slowly lost consciousness again and went into, yet another world. But this world had love and light and healing and fun. Could I allow my self to let thatworld into my life?

Then I heard John saying, “Hold on Zara Lynn! I am here, and I will NOT leave you!”


It took me the better part of two years to heal my body. But John was right. He only left my side to make food for us. The members of the Village made sure that we always had food in the pantry, and many of them brought food that they had cooked for us.

Yes, “US!” I never thought that I would be an “US,” but John kept his word and never left me. In fact, even after I was well enough to take care of my self, which took over a year, he stayed with me.

The only, and wonderful difference, was that when I was well enough, he began sleeping with me in “OUR” bed.  “US” and “Our” were words that I had seldom spoken before dear John came into my life.

Normally, the Village would not allow an “unmarried” couple to sleep together, but they all knew that this was a different situation. Also, they all knew what I dared not dream, the entire Village knew that John and I would be married.

I know that from my storyline that I may seem too young to be married, but I had had my first “woman’s time,” and John was starting to shave. However, both John and I wanted to make sure that we did NOT get married because of some external rules. If we decided to become Man and Wife we would do so, whenwe wanted and howwe wanted.

Because some of my injuries were in my “female parts” I did not think it was possible for me to have a baby, or even to become pregnant. On the other hand, the love that John and I shared became so strong that we decided to make our relationship a promise that we would share forever.

I say “forever,” because I have finally admitted that I had died at the bottom of that cliff, but somehow was able to return. Actually, “somehow” is not correct. I fought death and won because I knew that John loved me and that he would be too sad if I died.

When he was the first one to my side, he looked into my semi-opened eyes with such love and caring that I could FEEL his deep love enter my heart and slowly flow through my gravely injured body. It was John’s love that healed me.

John’s unconditional love never put any pressure on me to have sex before my body healed enough, and he never put any pressure on me to bear a child for him. In fact, he told me that he would NOT take the risk it would be for me to carry a child with my chronically wounded “female organs.”

Our sex life was as gentle as a morning breeze and as strong as a giant tree. Afterwards, we often walked the woods together in search of any wounded animals or birds.

When we found them, which we usually did, we took them home and lovingly healed them. We felt as if we were thanking the woods for somehow allowing me to survive and heal from my fall.

The people of our Village watched our relationships and saw how I had healed, as well as how John and I worked together to heal the forest beings. In fact, whenever a child or an animal was wounded or sick, they were brought to our home for John and I to heal, which we did.

As we grew into our older years, John’s soft courage and strong decision making, made him a leader in our Village. In fact, he eventually became THE Leader of our Village. And I, believe it or not, became a midwife.

Somehow, my near-death experience had left me with the “gift of healing.” My healing service had started with healing animals, which I realized that I could do with a loving touch. Somehow, my near-death experience had left me with the “gift of healing.”

Gradually I expanded my healing of animals to healing humans. Then, I also became a “midwife,” as well as a “Touch Healer” to villagers who were wounded or sick. Our life, and it gives me great joy to say “our life,” was wonderful. That is it was wonderful until the day that John suddenly, and very peacefully, died.

The loss of John was almost too deep to bear, and I started to become very ill. I was sure that I would die, and some part of me wanted to die, as I could not imagine life within John. However, a horrible disease began to flow through our Village. Then I was called on day and night to help others.

However some, in fact too many, of our villagers died. As the widows and widowers came to me for assistance with their sorrow, I also began to move through my sorrow, as well. But that is a story that I must keep to myself, as it is still to difficult for me to share.

After the grieving of Village was gradually replaced with the births of new babies, the joys of life began to return to our Village. I was quite old by then, so when I was not healing, I was sleeping.

And when I slept, I dreamt of John. But I will tell you about that in my next writing. Sleep is near and so is the essence of my dear  John.



True Love Never Dies

What I have learned since John died to his physical form, is that true love never dies. But, it can be transformed. The many years of living together and sharing my life with John changed me to the core. But when he died before me, I was in such deep sorrow that I almost died myself.

It was then that I remembered what my dear teacher, Shalone, had told me before, or was it after, she died. Shalone told me that she was going “Home,” and that I should be happy for her.

In fact, I think she even said, “Are you crying for me or for yourself?  You must be strong. Then you will be more able to listen to. and understand, what I have to tell you.” That statement got my attention, and I knew that I would need be strong.

I also realized that, just as Shalone had guided my physical life for many years after her crossing, John would guide my physical life until it was my time to join him in the “Home” that Shalone had spoken of.

I also remembered that Shalone had said, “You must be strong. Then you will be more able to listen to and understand what I have to tell you.” Yes, of course John would have something to tell me, as well.

This message came to me in the form of a very vivid dream in which John told me about the “higher dimensional world” that Shalone, and now John, had moved on to. I was alighted to be able to “have a dream” about John after died. However, I was also furious, and my anger made it impossible for me to connect with the version of him that would never die.

It took another solo journey into the woods for me to realize this. I was quite old by that time, as John and I had experienced a long, loving marriage. However, without him in my bed, I could not sleep at night. Therefore, I took to wandering the woods until I became so tired that I could finally go home and sleep in my emptybed.

In fact, if the weather allowed, I often took a thick blanket and slept outside where I was close to Mother Earth below me, and could feel my beloved John in the higher dimensions above me. When I slept outside on the earth, I often had dreams from John in the higher dimensions.

Of course, I had never heard of the term “dimensions,” but was delighted when John told me that he was in a “higher dimension of reality.” I had no idea what a “dimension” was, but I was happy to hear that he was in a higher place.

Finally, one night I asked John to tell me what a “dimension” was, but I was so tired from a busy day that I fell asleep. However, this sleep, which was NOT actually sleep, led me to a dream, that was NOT a dream, about another dimension of reality.

I will now tell the story as it occurred within that NOW. As I have said, John had passed years before, but I could not count them because I began to let go of the concept of time. I stayed in my home and saw anyone who wished to be healed, either by words or by an energy field that slowing began to run through my hands.

The energy field began as what I called a “tickle.” Then, one day I discovered that when I rubbed my hands together I felt a tickle, which soon became a heat. However, the heat was not hot or uncomfortable. In fact, the “heat” felt like comfort, love, compassion and patience.

I know you are wondering how a heat can feel like “comfort, love, compassion or patience,” but those were the words that others told me when I touched them. Therefore, I eventually accepted their explanation and allowed myself to experience the heat in that manner as well.

In fact, sometimes I would feel those sensations in my hands when I was alone. Then, I would go out into the Village, which I seldom did, in search of whoever needed my touch. Sometimes it was a human, sometimes it was an animal, and sometimes it was a tree, a brook, or even the sky.

Since I only left my house and yard when the ticklecame into my hands, people began to follow me as I walked around looking for the person, place or situation that needed the higher energy field that was flowing through my hands.

No one ever got in my way or bothered me. Instead, they followed me to add their love and support to whoever or whatever was calling me to be healed. Sometimes our “healing group,” as I called them, just went a short distance.

On the other hand, sometimes we had to go deep into the woods to answer the call for healing. Each member of “The Group,” as we called ourselves, learned their own form of healing. Some of them experienced the call in their hands, but others suddenly began to make a “healing soup” which was usually finished when someone knocked on their door for a healing.

Our small village gradually became a healing place, and some people traveled great distances to come to our town. Then, I served not as much as healer, but as one who taught others how to “find their own manner of healing.”

As I was becoming more and more in demand, I was also becoming older and older. Therefore, I started teaching people how to find their personal healing gift. As I assisted each person, I focused on their own “specific means of healing.” This experience was very enlightening for everyone, as we discovered that there were many ways to “heal another” and and/or to “heal one’s self.”

All along, I could feel my beloved John assisting and guiding me from the “higher dimensions,” as he called it. Finally, I was alone with him one late evening, that is alone with what he called “his essence,” and he explained “higher dimensions” to me.

In fact, he told me that he was on a “fifth dimensional reality.” He then told me, to my great joy, that I would soon join him in the “fifth dimensional reality.” When I asked him to explain exactly what the fifth dimension was, he only said, “You will find our soon.”

After hearing the term “soon” for almost a year, I called to John and said, “When is my soonover. I am ready to join you in the fifth dimension.”

“Beloved One, are you aware that by joining me in the fifth dimension that you will need to leave your current earth vessel?”

“Oh yes, yes.” I answered. “I feel that I have done all that I can within this version of reality. I am ready to join you in the higher worlds.”

“Wonderful,” John said. “I will come tonight in my Starship to pick you up at 2 AM. I have chosen that time as the villagers will be asleep. Just go out into our backyard that connects to the woods and look up. When you will see the bright light, allow that light to engulf you. Do not be afraid, I will meet you in the Light.”

“Tonight John will meet me in the light! John will meet me in the light!” I chanted as I gathered the two warmest blankets I could find and took them out to the back yard.

I was NOT going to miss my meeting with John. So, if I was to fall asleep, it would be in the backyard where I was to meet him. I was ready for a new life and VERY ready to see my dear John again.

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