The Art of Manifestation: Bringing Heaven onto Earth with Musician Craig David

Regina Meredith talks with British pop star Craig David about his journey from a plump little boy in the modest city of Southhampton, England to a major music star. Known as the “nicest guy” in the music industry by many, his journey included fame then letting his head get in the way and losing the plot of his life. Fortunately, he found his way back through metaphysical practices and deep engagement with his soul.

Craig David has learned to bring his true voice through his body and into the world as his dharma using metaphysical knowledge inform his newest album – which debuted January 26th 2017. His story is kind, engaging and a very powerful representation of bringing his Heaven onto Earth – or full manifestation power while staying true to self – the very thing each us is striving to achieve.

Regina Meredith






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