Seeding the New Earth with Lemurian Paradise Codes with the assistance of the Pleaideans and other Star Nations.

Things are really being shook up and cleansed and made ready to receive the “New Lemuria” energies at the major Seed Point which is the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

There are teams of Light Beings assisting in this “birth” for the New Earth.

For the rest of us on Planetary Light work duty, we are working with collapsing all old earth timelines and “jumping” to the fast track New Earth timeline.

This powerful seeding energy coming through the Star Gate / Time Gate and the old timelines being dissolved is creating waves of “time turbulence” in the quantum fields that is being felt deeply by sensitive souls.

You may feel heavy, anxious, dizzy or like you just want to stay in bed. Or you may feel like you are spinning out, or that you are walking in a dream reality……

Please be kind to yourself and take care today. It is a good day to be doing as little as possible and just allowing the powerful creative energies to do what they need to at this time.

Be present, be awake, be conscious in this NOW and Infinite moment……All is well.

by Celia Fenn