Debra Kauble presented THE STORY OF THE INTRUDERS CONTINUES: 34 YEARS AND COUNTING, an overview and update of her experiences documented in Budd Hopkins’ book “Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copely Woods” about her alien abduction in 1983, at the 30th Annual Ozark Mountain UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. For DVDs of Debra’s presentation for your collection visit Ozark Mountain Publishing:

Budd Hopkin’s book, Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copely Woods, was about me and my family and the events that led up to, and included, the June 30, 1983 event. But the story doesn’t end there.

I consider June 30, 1983 as a sort of new ‘birthday”. And even now, I continue to evolve. My talk will be about the changes in me and my life since my story was first made public. Because this happened so many years ago, and many people may not know who I am or why I came to be here, I will start with the event of that night in June. I will share how I perceived it then and what I think about it now.

I will share some newer experiences to show how varied and different they have been from the older ones. And I will talk about how I have expanded my interests into the field of paranormal investigation and have been actively looking for connections between that and the field of UFO research. I will share a few of the EVP’s that I have captured in my investigations and I will also share some of the ways my thoughts on my experiences have changed. And lastly, I will share what I think about why these things happened to me and where I go from here with it all.

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