This has been quite an interesting ride of late. We are really going through it. At times it feels like I have been on a tilt-a-whirl at a cheap carnival, half enjoying the thrill and the other half praying the ride doesn’t break down and kill me.

It is important to understand that we are experiencing an increase in the speed in which our DNA spins.  This is a natural byproduct of the light coming into the earth now. When I asked my guidance team to describe to me what is taking place with the dizziness and the amount of stuff coming up they showed me an old metal merry go round that I would play on as a child.

They explained that if the speed of the merry go round was slow, one could sit anywhere and be safe. However, if the speed increased, one wants to be in the center of the merry-go-round least they get thrown off. This is an excellent example of why we need to stay in OUR center.


They also showed the merry go round spinning faster and the occupants being spun off and how it relates to our DNA and the density we hold. As the amount of light increases and the spin of the DNA increases, our density is being pushed to the outer parts of the strand.  This is a good thing as it makes the underlying programming much louder. We need this as it can often be hard to see our patterning, limited beliefs, and choices if they are subtle. Once we see the distortion we can then work to remove it.

The purpose of the spin increasing is to assist us with this evolutionary process.  We cannot raise our vibration if our DNA torsion field remains slow. There are many ways that our vibration has been kept artificially low, the energy coming in is pushing past all that. When our vibration rises all that is not stable at that frequency will be shown. We need our programming and false belief systems to be exposed so that we can pull them up at the root and choose to honor our authentic self.

The increase of the DNA spin allows more of our Original Divine Blueprint to download and to be activated/turned on. We are witnessing the great return within ourselves in these moments. We are returning to the Divine-human that was unadulterated. It really is amazing. Understandably though, it is not comfortable on any level and we must give ourselves the grace and space to go through this process.

What this increase in the spin looks like “out there” can be perceived as a hot mess. For some, it is a collapse or a further collapse of perceived stability in their lives (loss of job, loved ones, homes, opportunities). For others, it can be a complete change of direction or a new purpose or role moving forward. Lots of redefining and clarifying is taking place.  When we look at the collective we can see where all the density is being exposed. Understand it is not that things are getting worse it is that what has always been there is finally being seen.

When we look at the collective we can see where all the density is being exposed. Understand it is not that things are getting worse it is that what has always been there is finally being seen. CLICK TO TWEET


Feelings of Disconnection:

Quite a few have been experiencing this feeling of disconnection within but at the same time knowing they are completely connected. It can feel quite bizarre as if you are two different beings trying to have the same experience. With the light coming in and increasing the spin of our DNA, our point of center and groundedness has changed. The human wants to go into “what have I done wrong?” know you have done nothing wrong, it is simply that we need to go within and recalibrate the connection.

It reminds me of the times I have used my GPS and the maps show that my car is just slightly to the left of the road I am supposed to be on. This happens when we have a slight pole shift. Even the airports need to recalibrate their instruments because North has shifted ever so slightly. This is us, our center has shifted and now we must recalibrate and find our center again. It is also understanding that with this new realigning, what worked for us before may not work for us now. This can be very frustrating particularly if we think our path was already known. We are being asked to allow things to flow and open without over thinking and anxiety. The key word is Surrender. So much easier said than done.

Our center has shifted and now we must recalibrate and find our zero point again. It is understanding that with this new realigning, what worked for us before may not work for us now. We must go within to find our new center. CLICK TO TWEET

Everything is asking us to surrender, to give up the desire to control the outcome. Even the insanity of the weather is pushing us to be present. What we would normally expect for this time of year can be different than what we are experiencing. This helps to shake some out of their sleep and start noticing their world.

I’m also seeing that this shift from center, from the zero point if you will, is creating issues with grounding and being fully present in the body.  What is fascinating is that when one is unable to ground into their form completely the mental chatter gets much louder as do the looping fears and all of this makes it much harder to connect and be still.

Conflict Energies

Many are experiencing what can be described as conflict energy within themselves and with those around them. To me when I experienced this feeling it was asking me if I want to react to this trigger as I have always done or do I want to turn to a new path, a new direction. It also felt that I was being given clear path choices and in stating my intentions which were aligned completely within, this collapsed a potential timeline.  If you are finding yourself in conflict or facing challenges, go within and ask yourself what outcome you want and then react accordingly. I am finding that observation is key as is being able to laugh at my human experience.

Fears are also coming up, more like being slammed into our faces at times. This is asking us, do we choose fear that constricts or do we choose something that expands us and allows for greater growth. My motto has become if it scares me, I must run to it. For in conquering my fears lies my greatest freedom and truth.

No matter what comes up, honor it and allow yourself to voice your truth. Write, Sing, Yell, Cry… Really get to the heart of the matter of what you want for your life and what you don’t want.

The Physical

So much is happening with the body. The intensity of this effects have intensified and seem to be all over the place – there is no normal anymore.  I have noticed that the heart chakra is opening more in the back creating a much purer torsion field that is a sight to behold.  This opening can feel like intense pressure, pain in between the shoulders, heart palpitations, and even tightness in all the thoracic cavity. If there is deep emotional pain held within, this process can be brutal. However, I must say, if you feel that you could be having a heart attack, please see a professional. I have seen too many ignore the signs to later find they had a heart attack and damaged the heart muscle.

The brain is also in the process of returning to its original state. This means that we are creating new synapses so that we can access more of our brain. As these deeper connections are being created we will find that our senses go way beyond the standard five. Telepathy, intuition, and the ability to see beyond the veil are coming online more than ever.  Headaches, fuzzy brain, speech anomalies, and exhaustion are very common.

The eyes seem to have a mind of their own lately. One minute they are fuzzy and the next they are fine. The optic nerve attaches to the Occipital lobe of the brain. The eyes are merely a tool for the brain to understand the world visually. As the brain changes so too will what we see change as well. Imagine being colorblind and then one day being able to see a rainbow in all its glory. This is what is happening to us. Eventually, we will not have to soften the gaze, close the physical eyes or see in layers. to clearly see what is here. For the now though it can be quite daunting to be unable to read because it’s blurry one moment and clear the next. We simply must go with the flow and adjust with the changes.

I am now offering Small Group Interactive Healing Sessions (12 max) that help to ground, balance, and clear the system as well as work on what is shown in the field as needing to be addressed (this depends on the participants and their needs). To book please go to and select Small Group Interactive Healing. It is $33 for a 60 to 90 session.  Upcoming dates:

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I hope that this finds you well and finding your bliss within all the movement.  Deep gratitude for all who share this work with others. Social media is limiting the reach of many posts such as this and we rely on you to share.

Sending so much love to you all.

Jenny Schiltz

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