Caty Pasternak:

I’m talking to one of my all time favorite teachers of transformation, Dr. Bruce Lipton, who is an absolute wizard at bridging science with spirituality. 

Bruce is the author of the ‘Biology of Belief’ and ‘The Honeymoon Effect’ and is dropping some serious truth bombs about our conscious ability to change our DNA via our thoughts and ultimately change our lives. 

A few things we jam on:

-How we can actually change our genes and programming to create greater levels of health, joy, and success

-Why conscious thought and desire isn’t enough for us to make actual change and the only proven ways to make change last

-The secret to WAKING UP happy, blissful, and full of love for life (hint: there’s an actual strategy)

-How we as individuals can have a global impact on the framework of our Universe to create a better future for our children

…and more!

Caty Pasternak