There comes a time in all of our lives, when we need to gather ourselves, go deep within ourselves, and do some true soul searching, in order to find ourselves on much deeper and higher, more profound levels.

“Who am I, in the deepest core truth of my soul? What am I bringing into the world, contributing to life on this planet, and how can I serve, in the highest and best way, my soul mission and purpose, with great love? How, by being true to myself, with all that I am, can I create bridges, wholeness, more love, and greater healing to humanity, or how can what I already have in life skills, bring greater good in whatever form, to the greater whole of humanity?”
Soul searching truly serves us.

The minute we start writing down, recording what it is we are finding in answers, something magical starts to happen. Ideas comes. Inspiration flows. Solutions come.

We are coming back into the highest alignment with our own souls, and being truthful and honest with ourselves, we now find that what we truly aspire to become, and to grow into, is already there, present.

The minute we get crystal clear about our mission, our purpose, and thus our role, the whole Universe will conspire to assist us, the minute we put action steps into motion. Synchronicity sets in and suddenly doors open which never opened before.

It is as if we have to dig deep into the deepest depths of ourselves, in order to find the hidden true precious gold of our Being, and then in utilizing what is already there, within us, and gifting the greater whole of humanity with it, the doors of opportunity open up, and we then are blessed in ways, we could not have foreseen before.

Judith Kusel