Spiritual Insights and Archetypal Study. In this video Teresa Yanaro interviews Laura Eisenhower, great grand daughter of former president Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Laura Eisenhower

Laura is a powerful voice in the truth movement and her message is paramount for us to hear in order to learn about how to ascend to the next level of soul development and expand the collective consciousness.

She not only exposes truths about topics within the political arena, but also teaches about soul mastery and the collective ascension of humanity. She knows the depths of the suppression of spiritual technology, including the importance of understanding our connection to our earth mother, Gaia. Today, we are going to learn about the crucial role that each and every one of us plays in our global ascension. 

Teresa Yanaros

Teresa Yanaros, a millennial advocate for spiritual enlightenment and disclosure, shares news and inspirational perspectives through her professional multi-media project “Divine Frequency.” Her up-beat attitude and intense passion for driving through truth and change act as a catalyst for her philosophical and cosmic teachings. 


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