The Q Team revealed the identity of Hitler’s daughter this weekend and announced that BHO’s escape hatch to Kenya will be prevented. In this video, I explain the history behind Hitler’s offspring and explain the Nihilist philosophy that underpins the Globalist cabal. This is part one of a 2nd video to complete the breakdown of Q’s weekend messages.

you are free tv

You Are Free TV


For background information on Merkel’s hidden history:

For more information on the Donmeh Sabbatein Frankists who became the present day Zio-cons:

While it is true that Sabbatean Zionists, such as Netanyahu, are members of the globalist cabal that is working to enslave humanity as well as create another Jewish Holocaust IN Israel this time, it is vital that people not blame Jews as a cultural/ethnic group for the sins and crimes of the Zio-con members of the cabal. Jewish citizens worldwide are active in exposing the Cabal and speaking out against it. Some of the most outspoken Jews against Donmeh Zionism (specifically Sabbatean Zionists) are Israeli political activists and Israeli religious scholars.

The same is true of Muslims who do not condone the actions of Wahhabiist Islamic extremists. However, women who have left Islam will tell you how horrendous their lives were as girls and women, even if their parents were “progressive”. It is still the rare Muslim family that fully supports a woman’s right to complete self-determination.