Happy Weekend Everyone.

I happily present to you this video of the live Chat & Channel that took place last weekend.

As always White Cloud shares his wisdom in such a peaceful, compassionate, Loving, manner.

White cloudTo my utter surprize a lady asked White Cloud if he would speak in his Native tongue … AND HE DID! Quite something and I am so pleased I had the courage to let him do so. It was very moving and there were many with tears falling when it was done. I hope the video captures the Energy for you. ( It also takes courage to post this, I might add! The old ticker is beating a little faster than usual!)

I do hope you enjoy it. I have to say … I feel very blessed.

Many many thanks for sharing the journey. Each and Every One.

Love, Light, Laughter & Golden Rays
Blossom G. xxx


Published on Oct 7, 2017




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