We are at a crucial crossroads, Alexandra and Lisa agree. They discuss the possibility that Trump’s presidency might break the news, but also the long lead-up to a controlled and partial government disclosure, stretching back generations. Mass media also has played a major role in managing disclosure, from Star Trek to the recent interviews of presidents and past presidents by Jimmy Kimmel. As Lisa explains, since the 1980s Hollywood has painted a mostly negative picture of ET, complicating disclosure and contradicting the majority of ET contact experiences. The most recent initiatives, such as those of Tom DeLonge, also are discussed. The pronouncements of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, who has been involved in this issue for over a decade, are also significant in this historical narrative.

Though Disclosure Activists work mainly on the political and social side of disclosure, Lisa Galarneau recognizes the larger spiritual and moral dimensions of the issue. Her ET contacts have offered her ‘first-hand’ perspectives on their concerns. She says they have growing weary of waiting “in the parking lot” for an official opening they long have requested and have voiced their intents soon to press the matter from their side. While our government fiddles with controlled and partial truths, dramatic appearances may sideline altogether the plans of our official national representatives.

Can the public handle disclosure? While many in government circles fear the effects — or say they do — Lisa speaks in support of full and open disclosure. She cites the widening numbers of UFO sightings and ET contacts, overwhelmingly positive, and the growing popular consensus that “we are not alone”. In the end, it will be “weird, but weird is OK”, because it is the truth. Though weird, this truth will bring liberation of the mind and spirit as well as new technologies and an introduction to our galactic neighborhood. Indeed, the more difficult truth to face will be that of the crimes and cover-ups of the governments that kept it from us for so long. As Lisa Galarneau says, “I tend to see (disclosure) as something that would be full of possibility, and indeed the very thing we need as a society in these perilous times, rather than something to fear.”

Please consult DisclosureActivists.org to join the movement and to find more information on the activists involved, evidence for ETs and UFOs, and media and press releases and interviews. On this rich and interesting website, you will also find the succinct and powerful Disclosure Manifesto and a link to a disclosure Petition addressed to the UN and other official government and media representatives.

The views and opinions expressed herein are those of person(s) interviewed and do not necessarily reflect those of Alexandra Meadors and Galactic Connection.

Dr. Lisa Galarneau, a socio-cultural anthropologist, futurist, US Army veteran, and an ET experiencer from the age of 5, is the founder of DisclosureActivists.org, an organization committed to illuminating the truth about our extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional visitors.






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