Published on Mar 23, 2017


It’s 2067, the UK is vegan, but older generations are suffering the guilt of their carnivorous past. [Simon Amstell] asks us to forgive them for the horrors of what they swallowed.

With similarities to Charlie Brooker’s ‘Black Mirror’ series for Netflix and Channel 4, the BBC previously brought the critically acclaimed Fear Itself and Adam Curtis’ HyperNormalisation.

This spoof piece of black humour parody is full of surreal moments, cookery, cooking – a cooking show – and food. It features vegetarian, vegan, animal welfare and animal rights issues. Learn to cook surrealism brought to you by Eris.


Carnage is set 50 years in the future, when we’ve all given up meat and dairy products.

However, at the moment meat consumption globally is actually rising. As huge countries like China and India become more prosperous, the population is increasingly turning to meat.

But 2067 will be defined by one fact – population. By then, the United Nations predicts there will be 10.5 billion people on the planet (world population is currently around 7 billion).

The UN has produced a number of important reports about this year, showing that “the World must sustainably produce 70 per cent more food” by 2050.

This has led to some scientists arguing that a meat-based future isn’t sustainable. Joel K Bourne’s book The End of Plenty – The Race To Feed A Crowded World (2015) argues that if we continue at the present rate, the world is doomed to hunger. His solution is to move away from meat as it is an inefficient use of resources with so many people to feed. And some governments are taking heed of this message – China recently began a campaign to try to reduce its population’s meat consumption.



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