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Great report highlighting just one aspect of a wonderful story that has broken this past week with trackable data. I sent Ben the following link about the pending arrests:

2/4: FBI: Pizzagate Arrests Imminent in Washington Pedophile Ring Bust

This came out of a 4Chan thread you can read here:

FBI Insider Reveals PZG Arrests Imminent – Original Thread on 4Chan

Although the insider makes some shocking and racist statements I strongly do not agree with, a much larger collection of what this insider had to say, all BEFORE the Pizzagate emails leaked, can be found here:

FBI Anon Thread 1 and 2 [MUST READ!]

It is very clear that the Pizzagate leaks corroborated his information remarkably well.

Another noteworthy news event was the Oathkeepers revealing how they are infiltrating Soros-funded violent protest organizations and preventing them from doing the greatest harm.

Certain cities are much more cooperative than others. The most incooperative city? You already know. It rhymes with “pee-pee:”

1/29: Oathkeepers Infiltrating Violent Protest Organizations (Very Interesting)

One key that Ben seems to have missed is that if Pope Francis sacked the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta thanks to “a dispute over condoms,” that is another code term for Pizzagate.

Bear in mind that nothing is set in stone yet, and these things could still take weeks or months to play out. However, the fact that multiple different sources are saying the same thing is very encouraging.

I am preparing to write another essay this week. I have a major Ancient Aliens taping today that comes after a brutal trip to Gaia that lasted almost two weeks. The day after Corey Goode left, he ended up in the ER with chest pains, as I reported on my Facebook page.

Then after going home from lack of proper attention, he vomited black goo — literally — for a few days, suggesting the use of the same technology that successfully felled Max Spiers.

Each taping requires the study and assimilation of gigantic amounts of information and it always seems to come at the most inappropriate times.

Yesterday a close friend of mine discovered that almost every single sentimental item from childhood was stolen out of a storage locker in a supposedly secure facility.

Simultaneously I have experienced three days of severe physical pain after having over-used my new exercise machine, an ‘elliptical’ that duplicates the effect of running without stressing the knees. [Some people will laugh and know what these are. I did not until recently.]

Then I got some mysterious pain in my tailbone yesterday while still healing from this, as the horrible, once-in-a-lifetime news about the theft came in.

All that being said, I am starting to walk normally again and will be better prepared than ever for this weekend’s Expo, which will be a live-streamed event and contain all sorts of new intel. I will have a lot more to say when I write my next article.

All of this acceleration of strange and upsetting stuff has happened as I also am getting hit with dream after dream of meeting people at the very highest levels, and clear indications that these leaks are actually going to happen. There are some very tangible signs now that this is all real, but just like Snowden, few will ever believe it until it actually starts to happen.

The Cabal has very obviously been trying to start a civil war with their controlled media. They have inadvertently made it extremely obvious by never even considering a shred of positive coverage for Trump.

I don’t agree with everything he has said and done, but it is absolutely ridiculous to not give even a whisper of supposedly balanced coverage to this story. Only psychopaths see the world in this much black and white, and the mass media has clearly become psychopathic. This is plain-as-day evidence that psychopaths are controlling it.

The noted Pizzagate researcher David Seaman has picked up on many of the things I’ve been disclosing recently, including the Alliance and the Antarctica information. We can expect this will continue. It is nice to see someone with his talent pick up the story and run with it.


I will also say that the rain in California has not stopped. Once again as I write this, it is pouring where we are, and is set to do this to varying degrees for the whole rest of the week.

We went from a “Permanent Drought” to events that will absolutely, utterly and completely eliminate any vestiges of a lack of water. Finally we have a normal winter rainy season. Rain does convey a depressing energy at times, but that’s totally fine in light of what it is doing for us.

The long-time supporter Kauila Pele wrote an initial summary of last night’s Super Bowl halftime show with Lady Gaga. As expected, it was a veritable orgy of satanic symbolism. They are not hiding anything. However, it is far too little, too late for them to ever get their dream of a New World Order under their control to happen:

Lastly, we had another major signpost that the Cabal is moving forward with their ancient-ruins-in-Antarctica weapon of mass distraction.

Now we hear that thanks to a “crack in the ice,” the British Antarctic base “just so happens” to need to have moved out by March and won’t be back until November.

This gives insiders time to clean up any incriminating things that might give away their plans, and make sure the area in and around the base is properly set up for these guys to go in and explore the ruins without an unwanted giant skeleton popping out here or there:

“1/16: Ice Crack To Put UK Antarctic Base on Shut-Down

The British Antarctic Survey is to pull all staff out of its space-age Halley base in March for safety reasons.

The highly unusual move is necessary because the Brunt Ice Shelf on which the research station sits has developed a big new crack.

BAS officials say neither staff nor the base are in any immediate danger but believe it would be prudent to withdraw while the situation is assessed.

The plan would be to go back once the Antarctic winter is over, in November.”

The “big new crack” is likely real, but they could easily have caused it through HAARP microwaving, depth charges, mini-nukes, you name it.

Everything we are seeing is great news and Ben caught many other specifics I had missed. These are very exciting times.

Don’t forget to see the live stream of my disclosure events this weekend at the Conscious Life Expo! More details soon to follow at

David Wilcock



Comment by dwilcock on February 6, 2017 @ 10:54 pm

Oh… one other thing. After taping updates about Antarctica with Corey Goode, there was a major detail I had overlooked.

Specifically, the Antarctica ruins are not just about distracting the public as war crimes and pedo tribunals begin taking place.

It is the first stage of an earnest plan on behalf of the Alliance to break us into the much greater reality that surrounds us.

I welcome ANY change to the official narrative, and therefore do support this development.

Many specifics will be leaked this weekend at the Expo for the first time. Never give up, never surrender.

David Wilcock

Comment by dwilcock on February 6, 2017 @ 11:05 pm

Corey appears to have fully recovered. I still can barely sit in this chair after my own weird attack. Thanks for asking!

There was strange synchronicity in that the material I am about to tape for Ancient Aliens has curious cross-overs with the whole Antarctica story, and guided me to data I was unaware of until now that fleshes out the events that led to this catastrophe very nicely.