Published on Jan 10, 2017


74f36831b1216608a9a767a633053448Hold on to your hats. In this fast-paced presentation, Santos Bonacci treats us to a mind-blowing cosmology and spiritual landscape. Santos Bonacci, renowned for his activism in several areas of political and economic sovereignty, and for his wide-ranging esoteric scholarship, connects the dots between astrology, etymology, theology, anatomy, cosmology, and physics to outline a vision of a transcendent world beyond matter and energy, beyond wave-particle duality, beyond ‘quanta’.

Close attention is advised, and the video will repay replaying. By way of primer: Santos introduces his cosmology by noting the several uses of “God.” At the top of a triad, God’s Source, the Dielectric, can be found. Magnetism, God’s Force, follows. Finally, there is Electricity, El, worshipped by the ‘bell’ also Ba’al, the False God of matter and energy. The “father, mother, and son”: these are found in mythologies and sacred texts around the world, but have surprising characteristics and counter-intuitive qualities, as Santos shows.

Dielectricity, the Source, also of ‘free energy’, the black light, operates in our reality as a longitudinal or scalar pulse. Magnetism, the Force, the white light, the breathing ‘red and blue’, is the transverse wave. Magnetism is movement and motion, but motivates passively, inspiring approach. From these originate Electricity and action, from Electricity comes what we call matter and energy. Gravity is not a fundamental force, but a secondary attribute, a ‘shadow’.

Santos makes brilliant use of etymology to exhibit the workings of this transcendent world. His quick drawings succinctly explain the intersections of astrology and physics, and illustrate the very breath and pulse of the universe, of the earth, and of our DNA.

This physics, biophysics, and cosmology, elucidated by astrology, is the truest, best content of our theology and ancient scriptures, according to Santos. All of this also resounds in our language where transcendent realities take shape. Their shape is musical, poetical, evocative, because the nature of the world is vibratory; it is sound and light. There is no wave-particle duality, since there are no particles.

Santos Bonacci advocates a science of “as above/so below”, and his rigorous analogism will take some listeners to areas difficult to accept, like Flat Earth, but his quick-moving discourse conveys flashes of insight every minute and should spark dozens of ‘aha!’ moments. His wisdom certainly will stimulate the mind and the mind’s eye and encourage much further contemplation and consideration.

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