The Decrees of the New Lemurian DNA Activation Codes ~ Golden Age of Gaia~ Age of Aquarius Diamond Merkaba of Light of 144,000

By Kathy Davidson

Coming into fullness of presence within our Christ Consciousness Light Bodies we call in our divine creator rights of the twelve strands of DNA activation. As we remain grounded and connected to Gaea Earth Star we hold this deeply profound knowing of our destiny as it relates to all space and time. The incoming frequencies of high vibrational light codes appear in a variety of forms ranging from beautiful rainbows of colors, sound waves, nature occurrences, deep emotional feelings, sacred geometry streams, holographic mandalas of light encoded language. These just a few and more that the mind and senses may experience cross into our light bodies now more than ever as the Creator energies flow forward from the Central Sun.

These new incoming continuous frequencies hold the seeds of great change in this time of Ascension to our beloved 5D crystalline earth ~ Terra. New Golden Age Souls entering our 5D world through this great shift and paradigm. We welcome these incoming Souls as we honor this great new era in unity through highest light and divine love! Celebrating our newly claimed rights and freedoms from the Matrix 3D paradigms of anger, war, hate, slavery, corruption, greed, etc. We take hold of the deep truth that our innate wisdom, trust and unconditional love unites us together to create the Merkaba of Light of 144,000 lifted us into the 5D world of the Golden Age of Gaea. Love has won and serves as our Light system of Gaea Earth Star.

How do we recognize these incoming DNA Activations of the Light Body? How do the DNA Activation codes assist us? DNA Activations assist us to reclaim our original DNA going back to our Souls roots in our Akashic Records of all time in the Hall of Spheres of all Souls. Each of us holds uniquely divine blueprints in our original DNA. Over time and throughout humanity this has been compromised by other groups of beings wishing to control or use us and reap the rewards of our earth and existence. Basically we are reclaiming our highest potentials and purest light through these activations.

Where do the DNA Activation Codes come from? The Activation Codes come from the Central Sun light Codes and the God~Divine Creator Codes found in nature. As we purify our light bodies through loving healing, forgiveness, and changes in our thoughts and actions we create the space within ourselves and auric field to receive these shifts and upgrades in loving truth. The codes come from our ancestors and star lineages according to our original DNA blueprints; these blueprints hold our innate wisdom, highest intelligence, psychic and intuitive gifts, optimal health and regeneration of healing, physical and artistic or creative gifts, telepathy and higher existence beyond the physical body and matrix as we know it.

For we know it to be true that few things are eternally constant and physical objects come from our thoughts and so it is that as we move into enlightens we manifest the reality we live in. Currently were moving from a 3D world where we need many objects for day to day use and logical sense of our world. As we move forward things and objects become less useful as we are creating holographs and many new forms of technology and science to advance our society in the Golden Age of Gaea. We know this to be true that our systems are being reordered and redesigned as we dream and create into being of this now moment in time. Look at our current health, political and societal structures groaning to a halt we see incoming light frequencies and fractals creating a new reality of time where we live in divine wisdom and peace.


Opening our light bodies to these incoming DNA Activations we receive these codes and fractals of light through the periphery of our consciousness knowing and sensing them as incoming in waves noticing subtle and growing changes in our thoughts, actions, feelings and intuitive and psychic centers. As though we’re lucid dreaming these into our existence because we’ve called into BEing our I AM presence and hold this new powerful vibration within our newly developing 5D reality. We the new race of conscious free divine beings of light step forward.

New Decrees for living come from within as a reflection of the Universal Laws. As each light being holds their own blueprint it is important to respect differences and interpretations of each individual as collectively we weave and dream into being our new reality of the Golden Age of Gaea.

~ The Law of Oness that the ALL works together to support highest light and life.
~ All Creations are of Divine Love and honored equally.
~ Vibration reflects all intention, actions and reactions within the Universe.
~ Light holds all truth, wisdom and love throughout all time and space.
~ infinite Creativity in ALL is honored and upheld as a natural tenant.
~ Love is the highest frequency ~ Ego serves Love first and foremost thus holding balance.
~Harmonics created through diversity of all levels is key. Alignment of thoughts and actions through WILL and Intellect creates harmonic balance.
~ Diversity of DNA Blueprints supports and honors Creator energies.
~ Peace holds the central core codes and is upheld in all interactions and events in time.


Take time with each of these and see where they fall in your thoughts and current reality. Possibly extend their meanings into what that may look like for you and extend or expand upon them creating new meaning and context for yourself. Imagine all the scenarios and situations which may arise out of this kind of thinking and breathe that in. Knowing that this is just the first steps into this new NOW reality.

Time and space seem to be moving faster and our perceptions of both shifting rapidly and often. In part this is occurring as reality has shifted greatly through incoming vibrational and frequency changes based on our thoughts and actions. Think back to a time where accomplishing a goal felt very challenging almost forced and compare this to now how things seem to moving quickly into our reality with positive vibrational thoughts and clear intentions we bring in our hearts desires more quickly. As well, the desires of our hearts seem to be changing to much higher vibrational desires. Just one example but take time to really ponder this truth and see where else it may be true for you and then give gratitude for those new knowings.


Every thought is the Seed of Life, through those Seeds you create the Flowers of Life which are the manifestations of your thoughts. Honor yourself in all ways knowing you are the Tree of Life holding all innate wisdom, magic and knowing to create your life the Garden of Eden, your reality and world is truly created and designed by you. Honor this knowledge of the Creator within you. Free and Sovereign only to your will and reality you call in through intentional dreaming and thought.

Sending you much love and in all ways supporting your infinite wisdom and growth. We love you!

Lemurian Light Council





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