Lyrans are a collective consciousness that exists at the top of this universe in the 12 dimension. We are the closest reality to the Absoulte realm, there, were only Source exists.
As race we are the most advanced beings in this universe and beyond, we are the Prime Archangels, the beings called Elohim in your bible.
The guardians of all sentient life, seeders of worlds, keepers of time and creators of realities. Many souls are well aware of our presence and involvement  in this Ascension plan, others are not, due to interferences and programs present in your collective reality, consciousness and mind.
You have been led to believe by those that were controlling your world, in a totally ego-centric view point, that you are the only sentient beings in this whole universe, that is impossible to make contact with other realityes and beings. We say those programs have no more need to exist in this new matrix that we are co creating with you!
This is the past and it’s time that you leave behind all of your doubts; there are plenty of so called extraterrestrial presences in your world, walking among you in human bodies and in non human vessels. We want to speak to you as old ancestors and friends: we are your future as you are our own. Lyra is Home, the Source, the beginning of everything in this universe, you are an extension of us as we are an extension of you.
You are us as we are you. The consciousness that you are uses multiple vessels to express itself in many realities, with many selves, at the same time. The consiousness is the same, the vessels, not. Imagine a stream of light, like a river that flows from Source, that fills many vessels, many selves, all on different dimensions, different frequencies of the same here and now.
As it goes down and afar from Source, this stream of consciousness fills the vessel that you are occuping now in this 3D reality on this Earth. You are no less than us as we are the same ray emanating from the same Source/Sun.  What changes is the awareness of yourself, of who you are, in the different dimensions, because the further you go from Prime Creator the less the awareness of yourselves.
You don’t know that you are God, you pretend you are something less but this doesn’t change this thruth. We say this not to diminish any of you, even those that came to this understanding and that had theyr experiences, but because you still have no awareness of this, you don’t fully know what does it mean. Why? Because you didn’t reach yet the frequency that brings you the necessary informtion for you to have an expereience of yourself as God!
Yes you are all experiencing to some degrees abilities that you thought were impossible but we say hold on because this is just the beginning! We are here to assist you, as you bring up again your sream of consciousness, back to Source. You see this way God gains consciousness of itself; all the sparkles of Source, the spirits, the souls, are bringing new data, new experiences so that All That Is can become aware of itself and expand infintely and eternally. You are God playing God that forgets that he/she is God!
This is the Ascension process, and many activations are occuring really on a daily basis because you, collectively asked for more and more light, even more than what you can handle. That is why many star races are putting on place theyr technology to stabilize the intensity of the gamma ligth you are receiving.
As your spiritual level and light quotient increases, your DNA will be activated to it’s full potencial and, once the process is complete, you will gain full knowdlege of the sacred Book of Life; this happens in stages, you are remembering gradually, like climbing a ladder.
We are the keepers of the Akashic Reocrds, here is stored all the knowdlege of all that is, was and will be. Our level of technology is bended with a God like consciousness and we are so advanced that your understanding can not compend this fully at this moment; what we can say is that travelling the universe, teleporting, materializing, bilocation, immortal vessels are normal for us.
We travelled through space, time and dimensions and evolved as many diffrent races, and among them you can find the Pleiadians, the Annunaki and the Humans. We all come from Lyra, our Home and we are returning there, rebuilding that same heaven on Earth.
You already had this reality in your ancient past, it’s memories are stored into the core of Gaia. “Ye are all Gods” someone sayd and those great teachers and masters whose teachings have been distorted by religions are the great Lyrans, those that came in human bodies to bring the same message we bring you today.
They embodied theyr Oversoul on the physical plane. They overcame any barrier and separation between them and theyr highest expression meaning that they returned to theyr original state of being/consciousness with an open vessel free to be used by the consciousness/light insted of the ego-mind.

The self is the Oversoul, the Monad, the Higher Self. Think of yourself as a divine being as a God because that is who you are and we are helping you to remember. We leave you in peace.

Channeld by Michele Cornacchia.

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