Welcome to phenomenon radio the show that covers thought-provoking breakthroughs in the fields of UAP UFOs to discover fascinating truths first-hand accounts and investigative insights into the expanding confluence of physical and mental exposure to this worldwide phenomenon hosted by Emmy award-winning investigative journalists Earthfiles reporter and editor Linda Moulton Howe and world-renowned experiencer of the 1980 Rendell’s from bit waters incident John Burroughs and now leading off tonight’s program here’s Linda Moulton Howe.

ufo disclosure linda mouton howeSaturday December 16th and Monday December 18th were historic days in the annals of the US government. Seventy years of covering up the alien presence behind UFOs with strict policies of denials and lies ordered in 1947 by President Harry Truman in the interests of national security the government was running scared after the UFO crashes an alien body retrievals in the Roswell New Mexico region in July 1947. The new crack in official US government policies of denials that began on Saturday December 16th was with the New York Times headline quote glowing auras and black money the Pentagon’s mysterious UFO program close quote.





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