Enjoy Quantum Conversations to help you Stand in Your Mastery, Amplify the Light of the World and Create Reality from your Sacred Heart!

“As your host of Quantum Conversations, I use my skills as a spiritual journalist and an insightful interviewer to create a beautiful, high-vibratory space on every show.

Please join us daily and FEEL the Vibrations of being EMPOWERED & ENLIGHTENED in your remembrance of your true mastery and your Divine Purpose for being here on this planet.

Each Quantum Conversation assists you in moving into and maintaining the High Vibrational Frequencies of Joy, Unconditional Love, Gratitude, Praise, Compassion and Christ Consciousness. These are the creative forces of the Universe that will change your life…and you’ll be shown how to use them by over 88 of the greatest spiritual luminaries, healers and inspiring Masters of our time….”

– Lauren Galey, Founder and Host of Quantum Conversations



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