“Universal Professions”
Voiceover track by Zion Sky

 Text by Omni Nine


An new amazing Music presentation by Zion Sky, of the latest Omni Nine post.

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Starseeds universal professions
Omni Nine

Everybody has a perfect position corresponding to their universal profession. The reason why we chose to reincarnate here now, does exist. One of the reasons why we don’t remember where we come from, is because then we would never want to stay here in this turmoil.

Know that your home is waiting for you, our beautiful ships, taking us across galaxies. The perfection of existence & the everlasting expansion. We are light, pure consciousness.

We are the creator race who entered our own creation.

We are here to serve & to grow further by expanding our heart through forgiveness. Understanding is prime key to forgiveness & forgiveness is prime key to freedom. Let go. Don’t defend anything. Be a lover.

When we realise all that “needs” to be done here on the planet at this moment, we tend to think we have to do them all. There are beings for each task. We first have to know what is OUR individual “job” and what is NOT.

My job for example, is to download new thoughts, feel new feelings and send them out in the energy earth grid making them available to all. I don’t need to write them down, I don’t need to express them, only think them, feel them, know them and remember them.

I am from the future. I remember the future. I seed this remembrance into our collective consciousness. This information is available to all & the more we think about it & feel it, the more prevalent it becomes, as the frequency of it will intensify. Focus increase intensity.

Many humans who are reincarnated on this planet has not exited for many life times. For a very very long time they kept reincarnating here over and over again. As this pattern of repetition was created, they began to identify with recycled belief systems. They forgot all about who they truly are. They forgot their galactic connection.

They copy thoughts and feelings, they do not create them any longer, they copy what is available in the energy grid, in the collective consciousness.

Lets say their “antenna” does not reach further at this moment.

Downloaders are here to assist humanity to remember. As we infuse the energy grid with high frequency thought patterns and emotions, everyone can copy and integrate this information.

Their soul can now integrate more of their true essence into their existence and they will naturally begin to strive for mastery instead of destruction. They remember & dormant DNA is being activated.

They will step by step feel more like themselves, free themselves & free each other.

Downloader, reformer, that is a job description. it is “paid” by the universe…

The system that the societies here is built upon, is not self-sustainable. It runs on an external power source. Yes, just like in The Matrix, humanity is the energy source, the batteries that feeds the system. What a great illusion it is, that this is the best we can do. It does not have to be like this! In fact this is NOT how the Cosmos works! A cosmic universal system is self sustainable, it thrives in harmony and loving synchronicity with its surroundings and its inhabitants, it would have no reason not to. Everything has consciousness even a system.

Who really wants to hand-over their children’s consciousness to a competition-program for survival… – No one. When you are NOT awake you don’t notice what is going on. It is each beings responsibility to choose love in front of fear.

As a downloader, a reformer, one seeds the seed & do not harvest. A downloader seeds knowingly, that someone else will harvest. A downloader do not look for recognition or reward in their actions. There is a universal trust of collaboration where everyone knows their role & work together in a endless flow with constant reward for everybody.

The total opposite is a capitalistic system where everybody lives in fear of lack,  fear for tomorrow, saves for a rainy day, expect circumstances to go against them & constantly prepare for the worst. This way of consciousness creates a reality of fear.

But fear is just the messenger. Get the message and choose LOVE – always. As more we love the more we feel the light which is who we are, freeing us from within. We are all here to help each other to choose love.

First step would be to be attentive, mindful. see what is going on, see what you are choosing, are you responding, how are you responding. In every moment, look out for what you choose to think of, to feel, to speak about, to look at, to listen to.

Do you act or do you react? Are you peace?… be mindful, see yourself, heal yourself.

Allow yourself let go of all past. Allow yourself to be pure, to be here and now. Learn what is positive, feel what is expanding. Learn what feels contracting & the choice will then be clear.

Worry is contracting. Happiness is expanding. Fear is contracting. Love is expanding.

Many star-seeds are working at creating more joy-energy so it will be available to all. Their work is simply to be as joyous as they can, all the time. Remember, If it ever crosses your mind that you are a star-seed, you for sure ARE.

We all came here with our specific frequency, that defines our role here. Pure passion will guide us. There are positions for everyone. We work in synchronistic harmony. We are one.

Other star-seeds walk the earth to clean the energy blocks from historical events. Their frequency alone renders disharmony harmless. They just need to be at certain places at certain times. Sometimes travel back & forth to create bridges of energy. This job can at times be hard as the energy that needs to be transcended is very dense, so it helps to know what is going on so one can define the energies as not their own & thereby remember to not take it personally but intentionally transcend the energies.


How does a star-seed know what truly their universal job description is…

Allow yourself to sit in stillness, to download the new information available to you. Sit in silence, Sit still. Breath. Allow yourself to choose love. Be in love with all. Feel & understand your expanded identity. Communicate with your galactic self. Tune into your purpose. Activate.

Remember, all planets are conscious & alive. Our sun is channeling & generating energy to help us change & develop in a faster paste. It is all accelerating now. It is our time, our turn to Transcend fear to LOVE.

yours truly




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