Beautiful souls.

The portal 10.10.10 today opens for a restoration of the Oneness.

Gaia and her creatures will once again be of ONE single cycle, and the inside and outside kingdoms will once again be available on Gaia as well as in our consciousness.

We are re-establishing the connection to our full consciousness, and it will again be possible for us to connect to ALL, through the fullness of our BE-ing.

We will now be in the opportunity of calling back our soul-connections and coexistent realizations in inner and outer Worlds, and through our own awareness to incorporate and open for the Oneness on our dear Planet.

We are the ones who will be described as the rainbow people, who connected heaven with earth, who opened up for the oneness to commence on Gaia.

Through the last couple of months, we have prepared and enabled this opening through pure unconditional love, which will lead to a massive influx of more pure unconditional love and full consciousness to all of Gaia’s living creatures.

Many will experience trembling in their physical bodies and little discomfort due to this recalibration, and through the sleep, where it is the easiest state to let go of control, many will be led up/in to be upgraded and reactivated, and thereby aiding this recall.

In addition, many will experience changes in their diet and other old habits.


In all love and light service

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