Transmission to Assist Humanity
through the Dark Night of the Soul
By Children of The Sun


  • Through this transmission, we are serving as channels to radiate the transmuting light of Divine Will, the great rehabilitator and evolutionary force that is perfectly guiding our human upgrade.
  • Our intention is to help eradicate the holographic insert and belief system that entrenches human consciousness on the wheel of needless suffering.
  • We are also transmitting the light of Divine Grace to penetrate deep into the mass consciousness fields, to initiate a greater redemptive purge of any and all recurring karma programmed into the duality consciousness timeline.
  • We are invoking divine intervention to saturate our planet with the harmonizing light of energy stabilization. We are calling forth inspired solutions to areas of major global concern, with high priority given to the illumination of mass consciousness and strengthening the bonds of human unity.
  • For added impact, we are projecting our self-actualized codes of accomplishment through the Crystalline Grid to help empower people everywhere to rise up and out of the mindset that brings on the reflections of separation and extreme suffering.

We invite you to serve with us in easing humanity’s initiatory passage through this tumultuous stage of planetary ascension.

Children of The Sun


The Children of The Sun Foundation

We empower Humanity’s Consciousness Shift through highly focused Planetary Transmissions.

We are a platform of global volunteers. Our greatest strength as a sacred activism network is the ability to transmit transforming energy through the planetary Crystalline Grid.

This worldwide web of energy transfer empowers us, etherically and telepathically, to reach the higher consciousness of people and life everywhere.

As the human portals and extensions of this powerful crystalline system, we are directing tremendous amounts of transforming energy to emergent world need.

Through The Oneness Transmissions, we deliver outstanding humanitarian service, right from our homes!

Together, we get even stronger and can increasingly affect positive shifts for our world…. in ways unimaginable.


Children of The Sun 




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