The excitement mounts as more and more, are beginning to witness and experience 5D related experience. Seeing and experiencing by Ones in the early stages of their Awakening is adding to the overall vibration, raising the Light Quotient yet higher. This in part has allowed for more energy to be emitted to more, from the sun. In other words, the Light energy has been increased from the sun to accommodate those ready to take on more Light, of which they will utilize in their upcoming Divine work. Many new side effects/symptoms will be felt by All as the Human Vessels are upgraded even further.

More intense experiences have been occurring for more advanced Ones, which are even newer and unimaginable to the old Human brain and thought process. The unlearning of all that Humans accepted as what they thought they knew has taken on a higher level, as more of it quickly unravels. This is in conjunction with the splitting of Timelines and is also required, to assist with the transition. More are Knowing that alternate realities are within reach and that there really is no place for the “old”.

Many Newly Awakened will require quick briefings by You, to get them aligned with what is ocurring, the Ascension. To limit mass confusion, this will be a priority in the Now. Some Souls that have not signed up for this 5D transition will be fading away rapidly, falling off the 5D Tributaries, this is to be fully expected and confirms the splitting of the Dimensions. You must let those go that are fading unless You are instructed to assist. 4D Souls cannot go into 5D, and will not.

The Unity of the Masters continues, with powerful effects on these current Timelines as well. Know how Your reunions of energies and selves cause things to more rapidly happen in good ways. Stay focused on these parts of the mission and work together when required, for any immediate task.

The “old” 3D/4D Systems are being challenged more intensely to separate them as they are, from the Higher Timelines, more have joined in this effort, as it continues to expand, the Truths are no longer hidden even for those not Awake. What is happening as more Truth is disclosed, more deception exposed, is an incontestible scenario that cannot be refuted nor denied by any Soul in the lower vibrations. The remaining minions attempt in desperation to take back their control, but it is truly futile. Divinity has controlled every aspect upon Gaia since 2012 and at the top level, the Light is indeed in charge. Their fear machines and projections of fear are having an effect that is rapidly imploding, many are seeing through the agenda and assisting others to see the true intent of the resistance.

As upgrades continue to All, some of You will experience marks upon the Human Vessel, depending on what needed to be tweaked for You. Because things are sped up, it requires the Human Vessels to be brought into a more 5D Compatible perspective, to be able to perform along the Higher frequencies, meaning that if You are going to 5D, then Your Human Vessel is required to be brought up to date in areas of which it may be lacking. The usual evolution process takes too long, so You are assisted in these areas, by Benevolent Beings.

Many of You have subconsciously called and brought into existence here, Your ships from other dimensions and aspects of You, to assist in this Now. Being Masters as You are, Your places in the Universe, are much Higher than You could have ever accepted from a lower frequency Human mind. Ships that many of You are seeing, are actually Your own, and You are able to call upon them for further assistance while performing ground work, if required. It is encouraged for You to while in the awakened state to commence further contact with Your vessels and integrate this Knowing into the awakened conscious mind.

ALL of YOU are to be testing Your own gifts and the information You are given or read or are given verbally by another. Some of You are still at stages of uncertainty, and to breach that gap, You must test everything Yourself, to quickly receive Your own confirmations of Truth. Do NOT take anyone’s “word” for it, test it, and upon receiving Your own personalized confirmation, join the bandwagon and get the show on the road. Every One of You is needed with his whole Ascension thingy, 😉.

Love and Light
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