You are constantly tested and challenged in regards to Your True role to strengthen You beyond Your present capacity. As said before, You must learn and remember while in Humanoid form, before You can fully own Your Divine status here in this Now. You never fail, You never go backward, every Humanoid experience is indeed set to move You forward. You are constantly tested with doubt until All doubt is erased and You become the full Master that You are. These tests will even sometimes seem to contradict what You preach, and nearsightedness may even suggest this to You in that Now. Any contradiction is easily alleviated when You accept it is only a step in a positive outcome, and once You have more of the dots, a contradiction will become merely an illusion and change into a necessary step in Your development. Accept and continue forward knowing that a more complete Knowing comes later in Your future.

There has to be a separation of You from the rest of Humanity, You are indeed different than most, because of the Divine Prowess You contain and the Divine Knowledge You possess. It is not because You are more than another Human, it is because You are an advanced Soul here to assist others, which include those that may be considered as Human, considered as perhaps Human, until they as well advance into their own remembering and Knowing of who they are, ….. if meant to be on Your Timeline. There are some Souls that You may assist, that does not encompass the Soul Knowledge in this Now, as per their Soul Contract and the Human Experience.

Although it may appear to some other Souls advancing that You are on a pedestal, that view is for them at that time, and it is not to affect You in any way, by entering doubt and hesitation into Your Now, and future. Remember, doubt will disempower You, until Mastered. Upon Mastering doubt, You then quickly identify its source and understand their level of understanding, and assist them, if a door of opportunity is opened, to serve his purpose. Remember, You would not be here at this time, equipped with this Divine Knowledge and Prowess, if You were to merely observe and not step into Your Divinity while here in this Now. There is no other way to purvey to Humanity, that yes, You are indeed different and do have a HIGHER Divine understanding at this time, and that it is not to separate You from them, but to assist them with their own development, if scheduled. Any student Knows that a Teacher has something they do not at the present, until it is shared, the teacher/student analogy depicts the separation, the pedestal. There is a difference, a separation, of creating and Knowing it, as to creating and not Knowing it.

Importantly understand, that You also become mirrors for some that You are assisting at the Higher levels. There are mild fear aspects that You may utilize that are benevolent and actually are facsimiles of the actual fear instrument, for use in higher development cases. There is also an actual fear aspect that You may take on in assisting another, because of Your empathic skill. During assisting others, a common occurrence is, taking the actual fear energy from another, relieving their energetic fields of the fear, so that they may raise their vibration high enough, to receive the knowledge, to assist themselves, in this respect. Remember, after this type of assistance, take control of any fear residue You may have acquired during assistance, neutralize it, and turn it unto the Light. It is not enough to cleanse Yourself of the fear energy, You must complete the process of breaking it down and sending it to the Light. Some of You are powerful enough to disintegrate the fear energy on the spot and it is not required to send it unto the Light.

Over the last several days, many of You have been dropped to lower density situation, hence the drop in Your vibration. As always, when this occurs, immediately Know that You are placed there to assist in some manner, even if it is just to lend a higher vibration to any event or theme that may be occurring at that time. You are to retain Your composure as a Divine Being, do not question why You are there and do not allow Your Being to be contaminated by any fear aspects that may be present in these scenarios. Do not think You did something wrong, and that You have lost Your Divine Prowess or have been demoted, recognize it for what it is, and do not allow the fear aspect of doubt creep in while there and control You. Take advantage of any said periods by Mastering Your ability to control all fear aspects instead of them, controlling You. 5D IS alive and well, .

Do not think that Your efforts may be having little to no effect because of what You see as an outcome, remember, You may not Know in this Now, what was avoided because of Your effort. You always have an effect. We have many Advanced Souls in the southern states, especially Texas, and they are indeed there, for many reasons at this time.

There is no going back for You, stand in Your Light, continue forward, as the mundane around You, implodes. Assist every Soul escaping the implosion.

Love and Light
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