Dear beautiful souls 

The energies are becoming well integrated into our inner after the solar eclipse, where the moon the sun and the earth united and merged in energy.

Our chakras, our cells, and our entire consciousness are now recalibrating this energy/wisdom.

Our original true consciousness, is now finally, after so much isolation, trial and 3D blur, becoming fully available to us.

Many may still feel exhausted, a little nausea, which is our body’s way of reacting.

Rest and crystals, homeopathy, water and our natural kingdom, can aid the physical body best.

We are entering a time when light just is. You will experience it in your inner as well as an urge for truth and deep inner insight.

The by now, well-known pressure in the head and ears, the dizziness as well as the revelations will follow us in waves, for some time, as the light continues to intensify.

Many experience interrupted sleep patterns or have a feeling of being confused after sleep, do not worry, you’re out to pick up the last pieces of the puzzle “ALL IS WELL”

Masters all over the world are working to transform the last vestige of darkness into light, for the entire constructed timeline we call 3D. Likewise, every soul does the same in their higher consciousness.

No work is more valuable than other, the light just is and without the wholeness of the light we would not be able to lift our beloved planet into freedom.

My deepest thanks and warmest love to everyone who read this and all the shining souls who ARE.

In love and service of light we stand together  Dittelys





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