Understanding the Healing Ships Health-Reset

The way I like to describe how the healing ships “Do their Healing” is by starting with an understanding of Incarnation. As a Human Being, Being Human, the experience calls for being born into the experience and then growing up. But that is not really necessary, it is just the “normal” being Human experience. It allows for “Immersion” in the Being Human experience where you really think this is your one and only life. Of course we know it is not.

The Reality

The reality is that beings “Incarnate” all the time on Earth without going through the birthing experience. They just appear in physical form, clothes and all. Everything Physical is “created” be it flesh or cloth. Beings just show up in flesh when they want to, and it happens all the time, you just don’t know it. If this is so, and it is, then you can easily jump to the conclusion that they jump into a perfect body, or at least one that is not sick, mal-formed, or deficient in any way. However, sometimes in history, being have showed up with some “problem” for some reason. The point it that Beings that just pop “into form” can create/adjust the form to be exactly as they please.

If They Can, So Can You

So, this leads to the point that if they can just create a body at will, in any way they want, then why can’t you? Of course the answer is that you can, you just don’t know it, and the Cabal would NEVER have told you that & kept it from you. You can actual fix your own body and change it in any way you want. Grow legs and arms back like salamanders do, and replace internal organs in the blink of an eye, etc. You could just flash out of form for just a second and then back into a different form, or a perfect form. One day you will learn all about this.

Nothing Is Wrong

This means that Nothing is REALLY (in Reality), wrong with your body. It is just being represented in a certain condition, and when that condition represents death, you jump out of it. Of course you could change your body representation to perfect health, or younger, taller etc. You just don’t know that yet. So, what this actually means, is that you are adjusting the representation of your body to older and older, or sick, or missing limbs, or damaged internal parts. But, if you can change it back to perfect health at any time…. Then what could be wrong? The only real thing that is wrong, is that you don’t know how to adjust your own body…. yet. But that is coming very soon. In my book, chapter 10, I prove that ageing is not a function of the Flesh, but instead it is a function of the mind. What you think you are, you are.

This Is Like A Computer Program (Problem)

I liken this Healing Pulse from the Healing ships like a complex computer program. It could be Microsoft word, or a browser, or whatever program that has what seems like a thousand different settings. You start to fiddle with it and adjust this part, and that part, and change this and that, and before you know it, the whole thing is screwed up.

That is kind of like a body that has had lots of adjustments and finally gets to the point that it is all screwed up. You may have eaten bad things, or thought bad thoughts, got a leg or two cut off, had things removed from your internal parts, gotten some disease or allergy, a malformed condition at or before birth, or some other out of whack body “setting.” That is just like the computer program, you fiddled with it and screwed it up on purpose, by accident, or by the evil actions of another.

Now What?

If you knew what you were doing, and more importantly, that you could do it, you could just go to perfect health yourself. But we were never taught that, and from what we have been taught, that would too hard to believe. The quick and easy answer is the same answer as they use on those fancy computer programs.

Yes, The “Reset Settings” Button

In the computer world, you just hit the reset button and the program goes back to all the ORIGINAL factory settings that it started with. I expect the same type of thing with the Healing Ship Pulse. It sends out a frequency that causes your body to reset itself to the perfect settings where it should be. Disease goes away, legs and arms grow back, brains fix themselves, eyesight come back and in perfect vision, hearing improves, and basically everything CHANGES back to its perfect settings. I understand that this includes birth defects since that is an “Incorrect Body Setting,” and even missing teeth or damaged ones will be returned to perfect health.

The Logic Of It

The logic of it is simple. If you could blink out of existence and back again, then why couldn’t you blink back in PERFECT FORM? After all, it is only a projection to start with. The answer is that you could. Frankly, you are inhabiting a projection of a body, that you are creating (Projecting) and recreating second by second, and at any time that you decide, you could change the body you are projecting/creating for yourself. It won’t be long before you will have light chambers that can physically/technically change your body from male to female, tall to short, white, black, blue, fat/thin etc. We have been told that, I know. But did you know that the machine/device is doing what you could do without it? In the same way that a miracle drug could cure of cancer (like the machine can change your body), so you could cure yourself of cancer and (change your body in any way you please, in the same way).

Frankly Speaking

To be frank with you, anything that the healing pulse is going to do, and anything that the light chambers are going to do for you, you can do yourself without them. You just don’t know it yet. However, when you do know that you can do that, you can change your form (Body) at will, and you will NEVER be sick or age, EVER again.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you will soon be living and experiencing a World that is so amazing and wonderful that you will hardly be able to believe it. But it will be true. Between now and the time you learn how to adjust your own body, there will be physical energy pulses and light chambers to do it for you, or at least help you fix and change your body to your liking. Lose weight? Done! Change sex? Easy as pie. Get taller or shorter, turn blue, white, black or brown? Whenever you want. The Body is a projection and you are the projector of it. When you realize that, and accept your God Power to create your own reality, and body, at will, you will truly be the master of your fate as you were always (In All Ways) Meant to be! So Be It.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows




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