Are You Feeling the Burn? This has been a strange year for me personally, lots of great things and also lots of challenges that are at the same time assisting me in stepping up in my work and in different areas of my life. Really not a very comfortable time. Perhaps you can relate?  If so please do not worry since beyond any challenge you may be facing there is the potential for a great transformation. Perhaps think of it in terms of a great poison being extracted from your body. Once removed you will feel lighter and freer and also more able to connect with higher multidimensional aspects of yourself that exist in grace and unity.

Going Deeper into 2017. As we go deeper into 2017 the energies impacting the planet seem to be intensifying. This is all part of the ascension shift as the light reveals deeper layers of 3D programming within our energy fields. It is also shaking loose lots of crud for witnessing and letting go. This is not an easy process for many although it is intended to generate a greater merge with the 5D timeline/matrix of the New Earth. Pluto has gone retrograde from April (until September 28th) which is bringing up old shadows. Under any Pluto transit, we feel pressured to eliminate and release the outdated and obsolete in our lives. The good news is that beyond that we are heading into a time of awakening and reconnecting to our original DNA template which in turn allows for a full activation of our 12-chakra system plus an upgrade of each centre into higher octaves of 5D.

This Process is about Releasing old Programs that have held us to the Outgoing 3D World.There is a certain amount of chaos as the integrity of the 3D Matrix further dissolves. This internal and external dissolution of the 3D Matrix is something that I can personally attest to. The outer world can look alot crazier these days and it is not that it has suddenly got crazier it is just that we are more aware of the insane way this world is being run. Injustice, war, pollution and so on. These have been co-created, they do not just happen. The world has to get a little more insane before the 3D game can end. Actually the insanity is helped many wake up. Personally, I have felt lots of old stuff coming up, also some weird blocks and heavy interference. I feel there is also lots of anxiety, fear and uncertainty in the collective and it is good to be mindful in order not to absorb energy that is not our own.

Transformation involves Pain. There are two types of pain, one which is unnecessary and often abusive and the other could be likened to that of a bud opening to the light. In this time-frame there is lots of both kinds of pain going on. Avoid the first because it does not lead to transformation and embrace and the second. Fighting with reality is painful and it can lock us into the first type of pain. Growth involves an acceptance of pain because it helps catalyse meaningful change. When we accept the process then we are no longer wasting our energy in fighting. An addendum to this is please remember to be gentle with yourself. Growth can be painful but it does not have to be brutal!

There are Different Levels of Release. Much is coming to the surface, becoming more visible now, Old layers of the abuse, manipulation, fear, and despair are rising to be witnessed. Awareness is always the step before transformation. Old layers are coming up collectively and at a personal level. The time is ripe for this next layer of darkness to be released. The Matrix runs deep and there are various energy blocks dissolving now. At one level, there a cleansing/upgrading of old programs and beliefs. This will help us see the world with new eyes. Beliefs are one of the ways we direct energy to attract, allow, and co-create our reality. At a deeper level the game gets a little weird. Here there are all kinds of karmic bonding being dissolved. First of all lets talk about energy implants. To really get this aspect you need to know that we are a genetically manipulated race. This manipulation is one of the cornerstones of this 3D dimension of earth. Energy implants have different functions, one of the main ones is they can block our energy centres/limit our awakening. An implant can be placed near an energy centre such as the throat or third eye, which can effectively prevent us from hearing or seeing Spirit. Implants can also keep our overall vibration low and can cause us to leak energy. Some implants are there as tagging or remote viewing devices. I have been seeing lots of the latter in clients in recent weeks. Obviously, none of this is for our highest good and needs to be corrected. There are other aspects to this dissolution process. Old karma, cords, contracts/vows with alien races that have a connection to this changing timeline are now also coming up for clearing/release. This is a bit trickier and some of you may need some help with this one, yet once completed, it will open the way for a clearer connection to our Stellar roots, and to our original Adamic template as created long ago by certain founding Star Races.

Where to Begin? For any of the above a good place to start is to ask your Higher Self, guides and Starseed Assistance Teams for help and guidance. You can call upon Archangel Metatron for assistance in this time. Perhaps, ask for a high frequency force field to be placed around you to protect your energy field as the work is going on, I find that the Arcturians are really excellent at removing any implants and interference from ‘dark’ alien races. You can call upon their assistance and ask to be taken to one of their 5D ships or to a Healing Temple in Arcturus itself.The Arcturians are very good at dealing with some of the more troublesome alien groups such as the Reptilian and ‘dark’ Orion races.  (I will be shortly offering an Arcturian Healing Chamber Transmission for assistance in this very shortly).

There is a Rising Tide of Light on the planet. If you are reading this then you are part of the wave of change and have agreed to be of service here. This is not an easy mission but we have signed up for it. Many of you have done this kind of mission before. This does not mean you are totally fine with the process. 3D has all kinds of pitfalls and it is wise to be cautious in some areas. It can be helped if you adopt an attitude of surrender to the new wave and allow it to carry you beyond these stagnant waters towards your true path and true destiny.


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